Месси захотел рыбку! Дегустация форели


У животных как и у людей, видимо, меняются вкусы в течении жизни. Вот и Месси созрел попробовать рыбку

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  1. I_am_puma says

    Welcome, our English speaking friends!

  2. Сергей Щербаков says

    Печально. Взрослый хищник не знает как кушать рыбку

  3. Серега Кудренко says

    Люди жизнь прожили не ели фарели а эти позажрались животных кормят форелью

  4. Елена Цветкова says

    Блин решила просто глянуть! И вот опять залипла на полдня?

  5. Kamila Ink girl says

    1:22 надо ей надо немного леща дать

    До кого дошло?
    (рыбе леща,а лещ это рыба)

  6. Isaq Salawu says

    Doen't like fish, unless its Shrimp

  7. carol kilarsky says

    Messi thinks the fish is a toy ?

  8. YOGESHK says

    Your cat is vegetarian

  9. مؤيد عسيري says

    المعجزه ق روم قو

  10. Наталья Пивоварова says


  11. sajid khan sanidkhan says

    Messi is our firts hero ?❤️

  12. david sidebottom says

    messi is such a handsome boy

  13. Yashvi Patkar says

    Look at her love, she is not eating the fish, she is engaged in lifting it.

  14. kvyerket says

    It's so hard to serve a big cat.

  15. LophophoraWilliamsii says

    I am amazed at how clean your house is.

  16. Юля Ооо says

    Да покормите уже ребёнка по человечьи,мясом!

  17. Danny says

    Smear a fish around my floor please.

  18. DevInvest says

    As a man, one KNOWS they found a good woman when she will let the PUMA, that lives INDOORS with you, play with and EAT a RAW FISH- that is sliding around on in her BRAND NEW home.. on her KITCHEN FLOOR!
    I say her, not because both don’t love the house and care for it—
    But it’s USUALLY “mom’s house”- ESPECIALLY the kitchen ?
    Only small request from mom was please don’t take it upstairs!
    Try Sardines-
    The nice big ones-
    Costco here in US had a brand in a green /blue can that were big filets, not head/tail and in olive oil-
    Sardines are one of the very best sources of EFA –
    Even my boy Odin will eat them – (although he much prefers /loves his raw red meat ?, some raw chicken breast and duck jerky )
    The sardines are obviously smaller than that monster of a trout! (Beautiful trout!)
    I don’t eat meat but I do have some fish and shellfish from time to time.
    I pat off most of olive oil – the fish has plenty of oil naturally
    Far better than any EFA supplements one can buy- for us people ,they taste good on salty soda type crackers with a little organic unsalted butter too!

  19. Jesus Hernandez says

    Cada vídeo que suben es tan tierno y cariñoso….???

  20. Татьяна Ходякова says

    Разрезали бы на части…а то дали игрушку форель.
    И говорят:ешь

  21. Наталч Брошко says

    Просто прекрасно месі

  22. Галя Стецюк says

    Нужно рыбку порезать на мелкие кусочки?
    Может так будет кушать?

  23. Vicente Morales Caceres says

    Es taaaaaaaan lindooooooo :3

  24. A SHIBA says

    He is one spoiled putty cat and he sure knows how to work his parents.

  25. Ryan Patterson says

    He's probably never had to hunt, so he doesn't know what to do to it. He's a domesticated kitty!

  26. Jimmy Acha says

    Какой балованный котик, полны вперёд !!!

  27. Angelica Mallma says


  28. Beerf says


  29. Robert Small says

    You are trying to tame a wild animal! Don't feed a wild animal raw meat. You will kick in their wild instinct and they will get nasty.

  30. Sir Trollsalot says

    A vegan puma! Now I’ve seen everything! ?

  31. Dana Garcia says

    Messi ♥️

  32. Jay Gasper says

    He's wacking it with his big mittens.

  33. Teemu Virkiö says

    I can smell it.

  34. Sredstvo Dstvo says

    интересно, а компот с сушки и каркаде пить согласится?))

  35. Ben Khaleq says

    That cat is pickier than Gordon Ramsay

    If Gordon Ramsay was a cat

  36. Studio Music says

    Ratones en esa casa jamás xD

  37. Mark Robby says

    Oh what a pity! He's no longer use to eat fresh fish. He thinks it strange to bite a fish. Is he able to eat fresh meat at all?

  38. slonenok2008 says

    Мдааа… разрежь,подай,да уговори скушать? возьмите меня к себе как Мэсси))))

  39. dave griego says

    I'll bet Messi would love to eat some Trout Poke.. Salmon Poke too… Aloha from Honolulu..

  40. walt teezy says

    If Messi haven’t had raw fish before he won’t eat it. Fish has a strong smell and taste different. Messi2020

  41. Monica Luedtke says

    No fish for Messy! ?

  42. Antonia Souza says

    Lindo amei

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