♪ Spicy Calamari Inkantation ♫ Caitlin Koi Music Video – Splatoon


✿ The lyrics were written by me, and this video was edited together by me. ✿
? Repurposed Footage:
Gameplay & Cutscenes – packattack04082
Squid Sisters Performance – Splatoon_girl29 (repost from YukiMitsu)
Credits – NintenDaan

⚠️ Official Splatoon lyrics can be found in the Splatune and Octotune album booklets. They are written in hiragana and katakana, but serve only as pronunciation. The words have no meaning and are only meant to sound like Japanese. Through an illusion called auditory pareidolia, you can mishear real language in the gibberish. These lyrics are my personal interpretation. ⚠️
Original Lyrics:

Lyrics inspired by PALogy* and Octoon 2**

Said I wouldn’t do it, but then it became my most requested video. So here you go. Hope it lived up to the hype.

Spicy Calamari Inkantation – Splatoon © Nintendo

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  1. Caitlin Koi says

    Holy ship 1mil views, thanks guys

  2. Thalia Martínez Cadena says

    Padrisima la cansion

  3. Kitsune says

    This actually makes way more sense then i thought it would

  4. Matthew Mascera says

    The memories tho. I remember playing splatoon 2 all day all night. Then my brother reset my switch’s memory. I lost all my progress, including my 100% play through of Octo expansion. Never got back into the game.

  5. demon_stn says

    Everytime im jamming to this its not funny anymore its just engraved in my mind ??

  6. demon_stn says

    Am i the only one that heckin jams everytime they sing: ,,you need to hear our song" ;-; i meam i even sing it xd

  7. MJSL says

    ITS JAPANESE , Sorry but the lyrics is very cringe

  8. Sadiel Hernandez says

    If you didn’t play this on tv you know your not worth talking to but this boss sucks the first boss of the first game is better I fought him

  9. Kasgamez says

    Is it just me or is it satisfying when it say and I move and I rule 0:28

  10. 門脇映 says


  11. Demonic Teacup says

    My entire life, I never knew this had lyrics. I though it was high pitch squeaking

  12. Lucia Tec says

    Vamos heee he heee yupiiiii

  13. Isiah Trowbridge says

    Did ya play it at 5x speed to hear the lyrics?

  14. Addison Erjavac-McCarthy says

    me a year ago (sort of): oMg I lOvE tHiS sOnG!!!I LOvE sPLaToOn
    also me a year ago: draws squid sisters
    me now: holy crap its been so long since i listened to dis!
    also me now: looks at drawing oml cRiNgE

  15. luck says

    you need the 0.75 speed

  16. Ian Weeks says

    The Two Smart Kids That Have Diffrent Answers Be Like:

  17. ZW says


  18. Callie agent 1 says

    I listen to this everyday

  19. popee popee says


  20. Janaina Lopes says

    Nye Nye

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