?DON'T START NOW?| 10K special| Fan music video| Roblox Royale High


?Don’t start now.?
☆ OPEN ME! ☆

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  1. *Nam nam Cookies* says

    QwQ YouTube why the notification when this is posted 2 days ago – YOUTUBE PLSSS STOPPP

  2. Bri Mon says

    Omg how did u make this

  3. LeafyInspire says


  4. MsTacky says


  5. Bijeux Lux says

    #Dior army

  6. Maureen MacDonald says

    whoever disliked this video was just watching it upside down!

  7. The Star Fam says

    dior i was the won that was playing adopt me with u and i had pink shirt and blue jeans pls remember it was today

  8. The Star Fam says


  9. Raine MilkyYT says


  10. Kelsin’ Around says

    This is my fave song!

  11. Lotus_Petal_Gaming says

    Omg yess queen! you did it!

  12. GamingWithKer says

    THE BARB ❤️ i missed it

  13. Gacha Tiayna says

    1:25 1:53 omg- that’s me .o. I’m famous 😮 (btw I changed xD)

  14. koala girl says

    Me:finds video
    Also me :click's on video
    Me again :gets addicted and watches 100 times
    My parents :what have you been doing for the past tow hours?
    Me:whatching my favorite YouTuber's video

  15. Tiffany Wilcox says

    OMG I’m in her server in royal high right now

  16. glowinqsoft says

    Hewo this video is amazing ♡︎

  17. Shut Up says


  18. Victoria plaz says

    I met royal doir in royal that's how I know her channel!

  19. Pink_Parfait says

    Ily dior! But also trading teddy Z for spring halo (dont come at me) OR for cozy set, nocturnal cat ears and giant teddy bear or parasol and a bit of diamonds! REPLY TO THIS COMMENT WITH UR USERRRRR

  20. MiraSmug says

    I was there 😀

  21. Heba Alsalman says

    Congrats from whole my heart 😀

  22. Mya K says

    I’m glad I could met you and adorlyn!!

  23. TheFizzy Player says

    Also CONGRATS and that's 1 of my favourite songs so thanks c:

  24. XxDOGPAWSxX 123 says

    Congrats diorrrr <3 i was your supporter since 4k ik its not that low on subs but it was a while ago and i am so happy for you!!!

  25. Itz_ PemPlayz says

    congrats meh queen ;))

  26. SaltNSun says

    I- how are you soo good at these haha!! I can’t wait to see you hit 15k! <3

  27. CryxingXAurora says

    Congrats on 10k! And I put on my reminder but forgot to turn on my tingtone ???

  28. Eri Chan says

    Awesome <3 hehe

  29. TheFizzy Player says

    Awe I missed the stream?

  30. iiGammerSeaii says

    Wish i was there 🙁
    Its ok tho

  31. Peyton French says

    Do you have a TikTok account?

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