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Take a look inside your computer to see how transistors work together in a microprocessor to add numbers using logic gates.
Get the book CODE that inspired the video
This is a great book by Charles Petzold that really breaks down a computer conceptually so that non-technical readers can understand how it works.

EDIT: At 00:12, the chip that is circled is not actually the CPU on this motherboard. This is an older motherboard where the CPU was first inserted into a small board and that board was then inserted into a slot on the motherboard. The chip that is circled is called the “northbridge” and helps the CPU communicate with memory. The northbridge also uses transistors and logic gates just like the CPU.

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  1. Kulkeshar Dahal says

    How binary codes are voltage

  2. THePunisher Xxx says

    What controls the state of these logic gates? What is controlling how electricity turns these gates on/off? how does a computer know what gates to use?

  3. REX :D says

    I learned all of this in Minecraft, using redstones.

  4. 好奇号0205 says

    Thank you so much! Great work!

  5. MartinMartin Martin says

    Be careful ! A computer uses base_2.
    example: how to write the number 5 (the total number of fingers on one human hand) in base_2 : 101
    how are minus numbers , say -5 written in base_2 ?
    This is a problem that can be answered by some serious study which will reveal how a computer works .
    warning: it requires a couple of hours to understand

  6. I wanna see how computer store files and folders

  7. Manju Avdhesh Pal says

    Ur voice is so calm and pleasing

  8. denil thankachan says

    Best of the best. ?

  9. JasonA1647 says

    OMG thanks!!! (I did not use this for computer stuff btw. This is a great help for redstone in minecraft!!!)

  10. CADDIA says

    As a mechanical engineer I was struggling to understand it , after engineering this is 5th year now I get answer, Today I know how really computer works
    My biggest curiosity of life now get calm.thanks you sir again

  11. Taska Nawa says

    the motherboard photo drive me insane crazy lol

  12. shonguiz0 says

    Stellar job, this is one of the best explanatory videos ever on the subject. Intuitive, simple and effective.

  13. Tanmay Samsukha says

    What is

  14. Rom3 says

    Ooooooh i kinda understand the Binary system, 3:43 if it wasn't for this video and how simply this person explained I never understand, for instance, other person explaining with big words for the big brains, I never understand, and maybe big brainers also have a hard time understanding, understand? LoL so its much simple like this easier to learn.

  15. Ahmed Al Shubbar says

    Thanks for a great explanation

  16. NhatAnh0475 says

    6:34 I learned that at school to but never got the change to understand why until now.

  17. Daniel Rodríguez Pérez says

    Awesome. Great video

  18. Jelly no not that one says

    so then, in a 64 bit computer, it only goes up to 63 ? is there a compound add ?
    right off the bat, color calculaion is 255, hmm …

  19. Thomas McCartney says

    Thanks! I have seen circuit diagrams for and gates and or gates but I did not understand the diagram at all. This video gave me not only how computers add numbers, but how transistors work.

  20. C Hz says

    Brilliant Explanation ?

  21. No face man says

    Very thorough and well explained!

  22. imam supriyadi says

    administration computer ! caledonian offshore ltd sumenep

  23. Mohammad Habiban says

    سلام وسپاس وبسیار باشکوه …هزاران ?…..حبیبان مکانیک والکترونیک از ایران

  24. bimbam tossi says

    i will come back to this when i gained like 50 more iq

  25. Mark Falina says

    What I found most confusing about this video was not the concept of binary, but the way it was being taught. What needs to happen is the same thing that happens during eating. You've got to wait for one meal to digest before feeding another. Force-feeding the brain information sends it into confusion, and all else afterward goes in one ear and out the other. Also, jumping from one topic to another without proper transitioning causes confusion as well like in English where the first sentence of any one paragraph needs to have something in relation to the last sentence of its predecessor.

  26. theonlinerover says

    Wonderful! Thank you

  27. Brian Cowan says

    As the saying goes, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" Brilliantly and elegantly explained.

  28. JDDD33 says

    Brilliant ! but what if you need to add two integers greater than the number 255 (or 8 bits) in length ? Does a modern ALU allow for more than an 8/16 bit bus as input ?

  29. Prayash Thapaliya says

    Hello BVS

  30. w wyborn says

    my brain

  31. Winorgohoms 1533 says

    In 00:10 in the figure you're showing ,this is not the processor,
    This is the CHIPSET, the processor in this motherborad is vertical (SLOT) for Intel Pentium II.

  32. Kashif Mukhtar says

    I might need to watch some of this more then once amazing video tho .

  33. Martin Malloy says

    I feel so dumb……

  34. Huge Long Videos says

    That's some beefy cooler on the cpu

  35. Jamil Angon says

    @0:11 he say microprocessor when it is a northbridge. This mobo have catridge like CPU ?

  36. Tasnima Ahsan says

    What would happen to the lights if there was a carried-in charge AND one switch was turned on?

  37. miki mouse says

    Once you understand how the gates work everything is starting to make sense. Very informative video. And I love the explanation at the beginning on how a transistor works. Learned something new today:)

  38. manuel ramirez says

    this is confusing

  39. Abhishek Biswas says

    Lol Oxford wants to know your location now.. ??

  40. Sidharth Middela says

    Studied this 20 years ago but only understood now.

  41. Choowde says

    This is so damn cool

  42. Dr. M. H. says

    I see two half adders but where's the Black Adder? ? Tally Ho!


    I don't get it In half adder when two switchs off nand gate flowing current to and gate , then where from the current coming to nand gate

  44. glitch gamer says

    Everything is okay but i think the half adder part is unclear and might overwhelm newbie.
    U should have been little elaborative here.
    U didn't tell why adder needs to have and gate for higher bit and xor gate for lower bit output..
    I very well know that bcz i m engineering student.
    And gate is bcz if u see addition in binary only when both bits are one output has 1 on higher bit while..when one and only one input switch is on the lower bit output gives output 1 and thats exactly why we used xor gaye bcz it gives such
    Output,A= no1,B=no2,C=output carry,S=output sum.
    A B C S
    0 0 0 0
    0 1 0 1
    1 0 0 1
    1 1 1 0
    And XOR

  45. Compiler Run says

    At 2:21 I think the light will burst in this case.

  46. ALFIN S SARASAM says

    Wow… finally I understand it?

  47. Keith McGregor says

    I am sorry, but this is a horrible way to teach binary. I feel more people would understand this by showing the value of each place. i.e. column one is one, column two is two, column three is four, etc. and you add them together as their place value (such as column three (value 4 – 0100) and column one (value 1 – 0001) equals 5 (0101) and teach how the 1's carry, etc. Then show how the logic gates work, which this video explains very well.

  48. Alocan Ushini says

    Thanks, you just solved one of my headache problems.

  49. General Orian says

    Minecraft red stone has taught me this

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