10 Android Apps that Shocked me.


Welcome to my Top 10 Best Android Apps so far in 2019 – Must have apps for Android that have really surprised me!
App links:

(0:07) Skip Track Settings: .
(Requires an adb command from a laptop or PC to work – it’s quick but a little advanced)

(0:25) Firefox Send:

(0:53) Aroundsound:

(1:18) Abstruct:

(1:39) AiCut:

(2:06): Storage Organiser:

(2:33) SpotOn Alarm for YouTube:

(2:55) Rise:

(3:20) Battery Notch:

(3:46) Scribbl:

(4:09) Afterglow:

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  1. Jonamann says

    Lol that first one I have already on my Motorola

  2. The taunting bee says

    None of the links work. Sure I could search them up but none of them come up when I search them! 8/10. Please fix the links to the apps.

  3. Luka S says

    Spoton Alarm: you can choose any song from YouTube…

    Me: say no more


  4. Weird Yadav says

    For apple you would need to jailbreak to use these…

  5. Satvik Shrivastava says

    2:56 "Rise"
    An app about sleep

  6. Ginger That Cat says

    2:29: "It's ability to scan for duplicate files"

    Google files, free: Am I a joke to you

  7. LectroSoul says

    AiCut link not working, cant seem to find it?

  8. Sameer Vashisth says

    I dont think apps are the one shocking you….
    Consider taking your phone to the shop…

  9. Surya J says

    Bonus app: sd maid

  10. Saahir Joshi says

    Haha with my moto actions i dont need to use that 1st app! Anyways great video??

  11. LUYOLO HLOMLA says

    Hey, please make a video of how to root an android phone via pc or phone

  12. Indraneil Sarkar says

    I love your work…. great….and your voice sounds mesmerizing

  13. Boris Schäfer says

    What headphones are these at 1:00 ? Sennheiser?

  14. leo villa says

    03.16 ??? you killed me

  15. Timothy Griz says

    Im a amateur photographer and I love taking photos on my phone, I enjoy watching your videos for I can figure out all the neat gadgets and apps for my phone so please keep the videos coming your doing a great job

  16. Debayan Mandal says

    I already sleep a lot, the last thing in the world I need is an excuse to sleep more (Sleep Diary)

  17. Mr Grape says

    Who's watching on iphone

  18. Adish Jain says

    So nobody's gonna talk about how he clickbaited.. in the thumbnail there were 10! Apps which is equal to 3628800 apps….

  19. aesthetically lyrics says

    what shocked me about this video is that there is no long intro.

  20. JOKER GAMING says

    iAcut not available in my country??

  21. AmCan Tech says

    best app = unitMeasure

  22. BulBul says

    What actually is the notch?

  23. NexusFighter says

    Abstruct Wallpapers

  24. Matheo Krug says

    Aicut sounds amazing but it doesnt seem to exist anymore

  25. small circuit says

    great one

  26. gameing cloud 5.0 says


  27. SuperLetsPlay100 says


  28. SATAN GAMING FF says

    Perfect discription

  29. Walmartz io says

    Dude I love how you just get to the point, with super high quality content. You earned a sub.

  30. Toks Tech says

    Y'all should check out elocance app. It is a great text-to-speech tool – https://www.elocance.com/en/

  31. Cyber Sev3n says

    Me: What are useless files?

    Mr.Whosetheboss: files that are no longer useful in your phone


  32. Edward Reid says

    10 iPhone apps that shocked me

    Number 10: tazer app

  33. My Road to Thailand says

    Thanks I'm going to download 3 of hose I think. Be Well ??

  34. Timkador says

    But.. In picture of the video (I think it called preview) there's 10 factorial. And it's equal 3 628 800. I used calculator.

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