10 Awesome Travel Products | Must Have Travel Gear & Accessories In 2019


In this video, we take a look at 10 awesome travel products! These are some of our highest-rated travel accessories and must-have gear that will make your next trip better. View The Full List:

0:00 – Intro
1:09 – Heroclip Hybrid Carabiner Clip
2:36 – Tom Bihn Padded Organizer Pouch
3:39 – KeySmart Key Organizer Original
4:49 – Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus
6:58 – humangear GoTubb
7:55 – Fjallraven Passport Wallet
9:18 – Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags
10:14 – JOBY GorillaPod
11:14 – Mystery Ranch Zoid Cell
12:42 – Topo Designs Accessory Bags

We’ve reviewed over 300 pieces of travel gear. And about 100 of those products have gotten a video review on this YouTube channel. It can be hard to keep up with all that gear so we’ve decided to highlight some travel products that we think are, well, awesome.

This is some of the gear that our team always comes back to—both for travel and day-to-day life. We’ve tried, tested, and written full reviews on all of these products (and more). So if you’re looking for more details, check out our full reviews.

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Budget Travel Accessories:
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10 Minimalist Packing Tips For Your Next Trip:
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  1. Pack Hacker says

    What's your favorite travel product?

  2. Lazarus Villagomez says

    I see a Fjällräven wallet, I must click! lol But as a minimalist it is a bit too big for me to carry around. I use their Rucksack No. 21, with their gear pocket, and bag when I travel across the country. I like to keep things compact and not carry bulky things. Love their G-1000 material! Hiking and camping have their separate bags for themselves. I don’t like to use one bag for every activity. Great video btw! ??

  3. mary baker says

    Does anyone here know if the Fjallraven passport wallet is RFID compliant?

  4. mary baker says

    I like this channel a lot because they cover everything, not just the really expensive stuff

  5. Keaton says

    8:43 loughs in dual citizenship

  6. Chris Chapple says

    Hero clips are rubbish hasn’t anyone ever heard of a carabiner!

  7. Atn Rzt says

    At last I’ve found a channel for bag maniacs!

  8. Aunt Kaz says

    The Go Toobs are excellent and amazingly versatile. I don't think people really get it unless they have tried it (or seen how someone else uses it). But once you do, you will wonder how you managed without. Seriously, they are that good. I give them as gifts now and they are very well received.

  9. L0NELEE says

    Whats the bag at 2:06 ?

  10. elflakeador09 says

    I like the concept of most of those things but I think the majority of the stuff is unnecessary and a bit of gimmick. The reusable plastic bags are a great idea.

  11. Purple Patch says

    Can I fit an 11 iPad Pro inside that Thule pack?

  12. apsilonblue says

    Why do so many companies label their largest size (or in some cases not in this video their smallest size) as medium? It's idiotic. Small, medium, large. It's simple and makes sense. If you have more than 3 then use extra small and/or extra large. This trend really bugs me.

  13. Joe Lopez says

    I see Detroit! ??

  14. Ugly Kid Joe says

    After watching your video ordered a Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus which is ideal to help with my headphones, cables, powerbank, adapters, passport etc for all the long-hail travelling that I do.

    I was secretly hoping when it was on its way that my Marshall Stockwell II poertable speaker would fit in it but I was not holding my breath. However, it's a perfect fit! I mean like it was custom made for it 🙂 So now I have another one on the way as it really solves the issue for me. I'm in a different country every few months for my work and this setup rocks, it really sorts out my portable audio world.

    Thanks again 🙂

  15. Courtney Johnson says


  16. Quek Vincent says

    i got the Heroclip, yes very handy in public toilet to hang my backpack. Guess that was my main reason getting one at that time. hahaha

  17. Forrest Bump says

    bulky nonsense

  18. jarjartube says

    where can i get that bag in the background ? top left, navy with yellow and red zippers

  19. Kriti Nayar says

    How do you guys not have millions of subscribers!?

  20. Jeff Povey says

    Check out the “Chums Key Quiver”, a silicon case, with multi tool, for your keys

    Much easier to use than a key smart etc, in my opinion

    Got mine from Heinnie, less than a tenner

  21. Candis says

    I am an organizational freak! This type of stuff makes me so happy!! I love how thorough each product is detailed.

  22. JR Richards says

    I don’t need the hero clip to hang up my backpack in the airport bathroom because there is another option other than putting it on the floor. Wear it! Unless you are taking a dump which I can think of nothing more gross than taking a dump at an airport.

  23. Brew Review says

    I like the idea of a key organizer. However, when all car keys these days are giant bulky keyfobby messes with buttons, it's kind of pointless, no?

  24. spndrp says

    Its Fjellreven, not "Fjallraven"

  25. bobski36 says

    It's the 'Always a Friday' guy – loved your travel video on Ghent. Where's your co-worker for these videos?

  26. Сергей Иванов says

    THULE CROSSOVER 2 TRAVEL ORGANIZER is my favorite,it’s made from stylish ballistic nylon and very durable

  27. olive d says

    I feel like the tech pouch could be useful for jewelry and hair supplies too

  28. meowmeow says

    1 I'll look in to…(the key organizer)
    The rest I either found a better solution or don't care about.

  29. jcIsInURHouse says

    I literally wouldn’t use any of these things

  30. Sonia H says

    Sees Tom Bihn zip pouch in thumbnail …*Clicks* Ballistic Nylon Gang for LIFEEEE

  31. Jeremy Henderson says

    Pedantic mode: ä is pronounced e as in ‘pen’

  32. Dana Kolpin says

    I am already signed up with you

  33. Samantha Louis says

    The Stasher bags and the Hero Clips are game changers!

  34. jef says

    is the fjallraven passport wallet RFID safe? Or is that not so important ? traveling for the first time in many years.

  35. JZ WakkiZakko says

    So what’s the deal with three sizes – medium, small and micro? What happened to S, M & L. Is there a larger version of these bags and things? It’s not like there aren’t more sizing options should you “use up” the S, M & L! (Mini, micro, XL, XXL).

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