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part 1 –

An international cricketer bowls 1000s of balls in his/her career and takes 100s of wickets but there will always be one wicket that he took which will be close to his heart and will be fan favorites.

Today we are going to celebrate bowling and counting down the best balls in cricket history – Part 2


Concept by – Harish.V
Researched by – Harish.V
Narrated by – Vandana
Edited by – Vignesh Ramachandran

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  1. Kaustubh Pendse says

    There are too many replays. Just reduce those and the videos will be great.

  2. Saurabh Patil says

    Murali ,Boult ,Harris are very well ..?
    What sachin bowls I don't understand but that looks so exceptional

  3. Saurabh Patil says

    The wicket taken by Amir is not on the best ball of cricket it can be in the category of lucky and weirdest wicket in the cricket
    Even personally my fav. Bowler is Mohammed Amir
    Not because he is Pakistani so I comment that but as a cricket lover ,
    I don't think so that's the best ball bowled you can select another wicket taken by him because he takes wicket with the good swings ..

  4. Zain Ul Abideen says

    You forgot Umar Gul to Laxman in 2004 at Lahore during that India Pakistan Test series

  5. Het Hinsu says

    #HetHinsu pls subscribe the channel

  6. Roen Thomas says

    So sorry you didn't. Saw Great west indies 70 & 80

  7. مخلص Muqlis Tv says

    Where is Waseem Akram,Waqar Younis, Shane warn, Saqlain Dusra ….. ?

  8. Sam n says

    Where is Shane Warne

  9. high green says

    Shane warne vs Andrew Strauss is best ball I've ever seen

  10. Abdul Majid says

    How 2,3,4,5 and 6 were better than 7?

  11. KUPID says

    Thumbs down without Warne

  12. Jonathan Balakumar says

    a lot missing here… that are way better, especially better than Tendulkars bowling
    Shane Warne vs England
    Jimmy Anderson Vs New Zealand
    Adil Rashid Vs India

    just to name a few

  13. cmchandan345 says

    Wher is shane warne, magical delivery vs england

  14. Poras Khandait says

    You missed best of fast n spinners …..Need to work on basics

  15. Arun Negi says

    I wish i could block this channel…
    Like Facebook or Instagram…

  16. ligi joseph says

    Where is bumra's magical bowling?

  17. NANDAN RANA says

    No "SHANE WARNE"…….! The real magician of the ball…… ?. Sorry…I don't agree with your list.

  18. ZaEdeN says

    Can Someone Tell Me..1:45 How Pakistan And Australia Are Playing TEST Match In ENGLAND??

  19. αshσk chσudhαrч says

    No. 1 is Shane Warne against Strauss

  20. Prasad Pankar says

    Why SHANE WARNE is not included…???? 🙁

  21. Arun Arakkal says

    Where is Shane warne???????

  22. raja rajesh says

    Vasim , warne , where?

  23. Mr Kipling says

    That ball from Starc was unplayable. No blame can be put on a batsman in getting out to a delivery like that.

  24. Mohan Miracles says

    You missed lot's of magical delivery like.. Shane warn magical spin, irfan pathan magical hatrick bowled ball, bhuwaneswar maiden wicket,harbhajan B m. Clerk t20 WC semi final, zaheer khan test swing vs rsa, Brad hogg chinaman bowled, etc hope you make vdo these options

  25. deepak gusain says

    Where is irfan pathan hatrick against pak

  26. deepak gusain says

    You guys deliberately made this video more than 10 mins
    Just for ads i see

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