10 BEST FOOD HACKS (recompilation)


These are 10 of the best food tricks from my past food hack videos.

I hope you enjoy this re-compilation of the best tricks, I selected these based on the feedback people give me in the comments section of the videos.

The tricks are shown in this video:

1. Lemon juice trick
2. Easy butter spreading trick
3. Simple potato peeling tip
4. Egg peeling trick
5. Garlic peeling trick
6. Fresh bread trick
7. Blowtorch wine opening
8. Back egg trick
9. How to tell if an egg is fresh
10. Super poached eggs

these were selected from these food tip videos:

10 egg tricks:
6 food hacks:
6 kitchen tricks:
6 awesome food tricks:
6 insane kitchen tricks:

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  1. J. Saul M says

    And now you have warm wine ? 5:03

  2. LeBrasco says


  3. Dalek Boi says

    Or buy a butter curler?

  4. P J says

    Thanks.. good video

  5. Koln Man says

    The Garic hack is Fake.

  6. Ralph says

    Why the cuts when shaking the garlic? HMM…..

  7. RamsVlog says

    New friend sending my support,Fully watched let's grow
    together hug me back thanks and god bless

  8. Samira says

    Thank you for the tips ?
    I will try them!

  9. scarface says

    Simply brilliant.

  10. Sarah Grace says

    This work very will thanks

  11. Karthika Nair says

    Amazing! Thank you

  12. Jegan T says


  13. haytham hakla says

    @7:15 It took him around 10 litres of water to identify 2 unfresh eggs…

  14. Dr Ratheesh says

    Porched egg shown is not healthy. You must be ingesting micro plastic in food

  15. Wes says

    Real helpful tricks. Thx

  16. Ellis Mc L says

    Wow thank you for sharing us your knowledge keep growing. Wow that's easy now

  17. bennitha uiras says

    cpr the bread

  18. FINDY EM says

    OK the potatoes, eggs and butter hack ?

  19. Ранко Радочај says

    Lidl bread

  20. Oriol Verdú says

    Mercadona bag? Comportillo wine? Where do you live?

  21. steve mbonu says

    Well, I think he would have broken the bad egg at least so I get to know it's really bad for sure and not waste my whole eggs.

  22. Luis Lopez says

    Wow awesome ideas the wine one I’m not sure a bit dangerous lol

  23. James Furniss says

    Best food hacks:
    Plastic eggs in a blender?!

  24. Azat Poghosyan says

    I love when he says “shake it like crazy”

  25. Nulrom says

    every time you use a blow torch on a bottle of wine an Italian dies inside.

  26. Panna Football says

    pure jenus

  27. Christopher Orozco says

    Bunch of Karens on here….no one made you watch the video, and no one’s making you do them. And if you REALLY need to see eggs in a blender, you know what to do.

  28. Jay Cee says

    I really enjoyed that. Now butter doesn't have to be refrigerated. That's what a covered butter dish is for.

  29. SteveyJoe says

    The bread one blew my mind

  30. Cooking & Sewing with Naseem says


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