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When most people think of Florida, they think of sunshine, theme parks, orange juice and alligators. But this former Spanish colony, which became the 27th state to enter the Union, is much more than that. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, it has mile upon mile of white sand beaches. Its moderate climate makes it a popular tourist destination all year round. An overview of the best places to visit in Florida.

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  1. Bread says

    just don’t come here
    we have too many people

  2. ğachā bøň says

    In Florida it thunder storms alot cuz how hot it is

  3. Felix Bruyns says

    Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.

  4. Roger Collins says

    Terrible list. You have the Everglades at 5, Tampa at 4, Orlando at 3, and Miami at 2. I agree with your #1 spot, but your list didn't include Sarasota, anywhere in the Panhandle, or St. Augustine. If I were going to Florida, I would avoid Tampa, Orlando and Miami.

  5. Roger Collins says

    How in the heck did the Everglades make your list at #5 and St. Augustine didn't?

  6. Melinda Bendle says


  7. Jonathan Garrett says

    I'm from Fort Myers

  8. TruM00 GT says

    Thank you my dad was wondering what the best places were to go. ?

  9. S J says

    the best place to visit is the airport or state line when leaving this fucking place .. hate living here

  10. guo alex says

    Now Florida is the worst place inthe world.

  11. ciera cross says

    Keep your coronavirus asses out of Florida.

  12. Baby Esko says


  13. Old soul says

    I’m shocked that they mentioned Panama City Beach, bc you don’t see people mentioning it often. There’s also great shops in St.Andrews of Panama City Fl

  14. Bare Facts says

    Florida is not where you want to be right now especially in a medical mask! It is hot and buggy. There are big snakes and mosquitoes. Right now everything is shut down.

  15. Speed Racer says

    I moved to Florida 2 years ago and other than the warm or hot weather compared to my cold weather up north is pleasant but other than that it sucks. The people are rude , prices are too high and unless you have money and know other languages its for you . I rather move back north .

  16. Kaylor Arias says

    I live there B^)

  17. Comfort Inn & Suites I-95-Outlet Mall says

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  18. Official F.B.I says

    As a Floridian we almost never go to any of these beaches

  19. David DeBergh says

    Was born and raised in central FL and after 22 years I moved up north to Wisconsin. Really miss my home state and Publix some days but it’s really cheap living up here.

  20. S M says

    I came here because I’m actually going to Florida today ?

  21. Zanilda Bowie says

    Mi paiz

  22. Sam Saw says

    Great To Know about it! It was Informative.. You can check out cost effective hotel in Saint Augustine,Florida, – enjoy the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sJNz3ajjUw

  23. nater 1 says

    Really bad list
    St. Augustine
    Florida Springs in Northwest Florida
    Cape Canaveral for a launch

    Then again keep going to the overly touristy places so the locals can enjoy the beauty

  24. a_lovely_birb says

    Not the best time to reccomend this video YouTube

  25. Bhavesh Solanki says


  26. 원이__미국에서 살아가기 says

    플로리다를 한눈에!
    I'm going to be all places!

  27. raquel isela rodriguez says

    I live in St Augustine Fl and I love it.

  28. Quennie Marmolejo says

    Thsi is helpful!! We just moved to South Florida a few months before the pandemic started. Loving it down here!! There are many things to do, you can't get bored and the beaches are awesome, reminds me of home(Philippines).

  29. Vslsnks says

    Fix your country. Send antifa to jail. Us Europeans want to start visiting again. Vote Trump!

  30. Abhijit Guha says

    Excellent photography & very informative commentary. Keep doing the great work mate !!!

  31. ZeuZ 098 says

    I wanna to Florida ?????????????

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