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The tenth largest state in the United States, Oregon exemplifies the beauty and wildness of America’s Pacific Northwest. While there are many cultural venues in Oregon worth exploring, it’s the state’s diverse landscapes that draw many travelers to this corner of the country. From rugged shorelines and thick verdant forests to towering volcanic mountains and steep river gorges, Oregon’s natural attractions are simply breathtaking. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Oregon:

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  1. Bel Gand says

    I’m sorry I have been to pretty much all of the state parks in the US Crater Lake is number one for me…

  2. Kristina Moon says

    Why is Bend number 9???? Bend should be at the top. I'm surprised Sisters, Oregon wasn't mentioned. That's a beautiful country western town.

  3. Kid Vicious says

    Avoid Portland!

  4. Mentula Magna says

    Im Italian and my Father is a Professional Ducomentarist …He travels a lot and told me Oregon is one of the Best Place of The World (especially back in the '80)

  5. KONDRA says

    Love how video all sunny and bright lol don’t forget it rains 168 days a year

  6. Maria Macedo says

    Omg i remember going to the river when I was a kid good times

  7. 505 Time says

    If they got gas I’m going next year

  8. nancy2119able says

    Oregon is beautiful i love it

  9. Jay Poole says

    My favorite state, up there with Wyoming, Montana, Maine and New Mexico. Colorado, New Hampshire, VT and California get high marks as well. Of all the states in the lower 48 Oregon would be the hardest for me to cram in a trip of the best of in 2 weeks. Really love the state parks, rivers and scenic byways. I look forward to returning! The Three Capes area is one of my favorite spots.

  10. Thefambam Gaming says

    Yes I’m from Washington, but I visit Oregon every summer and my family and I love it !! It’s the most beautiful place to be … my 8 year old daughter said she would rather go back to Oregon rather then Disneyland!!! Blessings to all

  11. Moriah Barber says

    I’ve been living in NM for 14 almost 15 years and I’ve always wanted to go across the Pacific Northwest mostly Oregon

  12. Armybrat 4life says

    I love our State!!!!! We have some amazingly beautiful terrain and coasts!!!!

  13. James Lewis says

    Well Portland is not one of them.

  14. S P O N G B O B SquarePants says

    Ah gravity falls?

  15. Most complete memelord in the World says

    No love for the Owyhees and Alvord I see

  16. Tara Rubin says

    Gresham Oregon and its amazing!! we truly have it all here. Blessed

  17. Moonstruck Exploring says

    Oregon has a lot to see, the 10 here are good, but there are many, many more. Including ghost towns, coastal areas and more.

  18. india bharat says

    I love america to much

  19. Aliy's Adventure says

    The first scenes in Free Willy was filmed in Portland Oregon.

  20. Aliy's Adventure says

    I love Oregon, people say it rains alot. But it's such a beautiful state.

  21. Travelling Kaur says

    I totally love this video!!! WOW

  22. Marco Navarro says

    Is Portland the place where Twilight was filmed?

  23. Eva V says

    Are there any Hispanic people there ??

  24. Ferhat Yilmaz says

    Days Gone??

  25. David Parry says

    I love the high desert and out east…beautiful and empty.

  26. Towlee LA says

    I know oregon because i've watching twilight, and yeah.. Oregon is beautiful place

  27. Joel Perez says

    I'm from los Angeles and never stepped foot out of California. And next year this is going to be my new home. I love the city of LA but i want to get out of my comfort zone and go to Oregon.

  28. PoisonedMess says

    Who else already lives in Oregon and is watching this anyway because they just feel like it

  29. eXplorer says

    Excellent video!

  30. Emie Quynh says

    I love Oregon?????

  31. Starwater Cosmic Priestess says

    3:52 hope that guy is okay

  32. Sijei Manrique says

    Days Gone brought me here.

  33. Big Olli says

    Sounds stupid but I had no idea Oregon was so beautiful, not until I played Days Gone, made me check it out.

  34. Isaac Murillo says

    3:14 anybody know that location

  35. Leo Leo says

    I wrote a number one country song mentioning one of Oregons most beautiful sites and our beautiful country,But,I lost my feelings to perform it,it isn't that important to me anymore.so what?

  36. Azhray Harris says

    I'm honestly surprised that Ashland isn't on this list.

  37. Mattie Staigle says

    I've actually been on the rock formations here 0:20 . Its beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

  38. Loki Firelord says

    I've lived in Oregon since 2010 but never went on any tours. I hate doing stuff alone

  39. grumpy old fart says

    It's just like Washington. Stay in the Eastern half and stay away from ll the wierd people who live there.

  40. Barbara Aspengen says

    Once you go to OREGON you will never want to LEAVE so so Awesome so much to do I LOVE OREGON

  41. deathrayX says

    Who here loves in bend?

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