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Today’s video is all about FAT LOSS! I decided to go on a 10 day mini cut to clean things up from a couple of weeks of being off my diet.

I vlog the entire 10 day process and share with you all my top weight loss tips such as- Protein macro fasting, healthy protein crepes, low calorie snack options, cardio protocols and the mindset you need to have if you want to be successful!

10 days is not a lot of time! Hopefully this video can inspire you to put in the work and reach your fitness goals!

Thank you for watching 🙂

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  1. GM7 says

    How do you lose 2 pounds in one or two days???

  2. Lucifer Takhar says

    in canada they put the calories of food on the menu now so it does make it alot easier to have some idea of how much u ate

  3. Jayce Scanlon says

    Can you talk any faster?! Jesus Christ, dude.

  4. Morgan Williams says

    The “I tried eating like ___” are the best

  5. João Santos says

    Damn, this turkey sausage seems great.

  6. Best Pranksters says

    If you have a girlfriend to do a diet with, then that's easy af…

  7. Sour Mane says

    It would be nice if will entered his special meals he shows on MyFitnessPal so that it would be easier on his viewers. And I don’t think it would be much more work since he enters it anyway. Just a thought 🙂

  8. Oblivious Oleg says

    Cheese last gang, where you at homies?

  9. Isa Ngo says

    I’m a simple guy,
    I eat chicken and rice

  10. Joseph Freeman says

    What calorie tracking app is he using??

  11. Johanna Hellinger says

    After 10 to 14 days in a calorie deficit, do you just go back to your normal amount of food and calories in like one day? I'm afraid of the yo-yo effect

  12. cookie says

    can you eat in a caloric deficit and still lose weight like this without exercise? gyms are closed and got no home equipment

  13. Gaby says

    yes finally someone else does the frozen blueberry syrup hack! and the poke bowl!!! yes love it!

  14. Sid says

    Is it weird that we havent seen him smile or laugh?

  15. Brady Warnock says

    He’s is just so fucking original

  16. Brady Warnock says

    Broo Will is the best ngl

  17. TigerZinc says

    Macro fasting -Keto

  18. Aidan Cleary says

    The bright side comment hit hard ???

  19. Victor Espiritu says

    2 questions. Can i take in 1 scoop protein per day l while doing a NEAT type exercises? How high a protein powder can i take in 20g? 24g? 30g?

  20. Andrew McDonald says

    Are you talking fast?

  21. Hagar Osama says

    why this one of the best weight loss videos I've ever seen, very entertaining and I've learned a lot??
    you probably lost a lot of calories from this fast talking ??u made me wanna workout again after watching this video at 2 am???

  22. poormofo1 says

    Let’s get shredded….. already shredded

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