10 Foods That Cause Inflammation (Avoid These)


In this video, we take at a look at the top foods that cause inflammation and what to look for instead.

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  1. A Sweet Pea Chef says

    What food mentioned in this video causes you the most inflammation? Mine would have to be trans fats – they get me every time! Please share!

  2. Cracking_wise 1964 says

    Why the heavy metal music? Subliminal destruction?

  3. Ishmel Walker says

    I’m goin vegan or vegetarian

  4. Ivy Lariz says

    The information is very good, but the music is disturbing.

  5. slier81 says

    Tldr; Fasting ur entire life to be healthy

  6. Maurice Strong says

    What?! No Bacon? Is that even living?

  7. Ruth Nosek says

    Are you not allowed to mention alcohol/as it is almost 100% sugar

  8. Felice says

    this is interesting but only part of the truth: in fact the first and foremost point to consider is your immune system which has to be reset in many cases by simply fasting for at least one day! fasting means not to eat anything but just to drink water, tea or some coffee. no juice, no alcohol, no soda, and no milk, of course. then you can go on with one meal per day for a couple of days – always keeping long break between the meals, – before returning to two or three meals per day, containing good food as colored vegetables, fruits, greens, avocado, roots and some fish and red meat, in a well-balanced way. less pasta, pizza and burgers … . for a healthy digestion system it is necessary to feel hungry, after a good while of non-eating. otherwise you can put as many supplements into it as you like, they will not really be able to help!

  9. Dominic Piermarini says

    Very smart little cookie. ..

  10. One Zen Kyoto says

    Me and my rabbit are enjoying our lettuce right now.

  11. Don Dean says

    Good advice young lady, have been doing this for 50 yrs, and as a result, no meds,perfect Bp and blood work etc, keep it up!

  12. fergon says

    Unfortunately I discovered this too late 🙁

  13. James Garvey says


  14. Hustler Chamber says

    I hate to blow it out but where in the heck we can grab some plant based food most around us are genetically modified

  15. Evan Brown says

    Jesus, I'm killing myself… no wonder I'm 27 going 57.

  16. Junko Kinoko says

    Thank you , love your channel, what brand of milk does not contain Casein ?

  17. robert mitchell says

    great vid, although the music was an unwelcome distraction.

  18. Alison John says

    Dr sebi told us about all these things

  19. Mary Ann Redding says

    How can you get a relative to eat the correct food that is good for the body. They don't believe in eating vegetables. I don't know what to do! glamchic99@gmail.com

  20. Medina Ramos says

    Amazing excellent explanation ! Thanks

  21. Nicki G says

    Not everyone can eat fruits and vegetables. I have a bowel disease and many fruits and veggies cause me stomach problems.

  22. M 6 says

    After that first set I cried lol

  23. Keywest Puma says

    You seem very informed on this subject, and most of what you say makes a lot of sense, but I have to wonder what your background is. Are you a nutritional expert ? Just wondering.

  24. Mo Tagabo Ina-Arbi says

    Why everything sounds unhealthy? Sometimes you kinna confused what to have for dinner

  25. ahmed hossen says

    bro what if im gluten free

  26. S Jordan says

    Thank you for the information. As a young person, I cannot remember inflammation being an issue. But, now that I am in my seventies, inflammation makes me feel ready to explode like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I read that water fasting can be helpful, should I balance that with eating the foods you suggest?

  27. Richard Granton says

    I know a lot about the body and a lot of cures like one of them with the rheumatoid arthritis I know the cure for that since 2013…… yeah I saw somebody ask a question on here what causes the most inflammation in the body that one's easy it's oil in a bottle fried foods….. you see after 10 minutes oil oxidizes when it's exposed to the year because it's free radicals and inflammation in the body and scars the arteries it is not cholesterol like they've been telling you doctors have been saying for years that cholesterol clog your arteries that you have to lower your cholesterol what this is what happens when you lower your cholesterol in a cup fats out it is the cause of Alzheimer's and Dementia people don't know that….. oils shorten your life by 6 years fried foods and approve it the people who lived the shortest in the United States is in the South because fried food is a religion out there and the other places next to Italy the sardinians now they live longer than the people in Italy everything is the same the same sewage system the same doctors the same education everything is the same except for one thing the sardinians hate olive oil they just don't use it that's why the Italians only live to be 62 years old on the average in Italy

  28. Joe TZ says

    Hey everyone, the greatest success that ive ever had was by following the Fergs Treatment Crusher (i found it on google) – definately the no.1 method i've seen.

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