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  1. Mariah Pedro says

    Love your videos!!! They’re so refreshing ?

  2. Purple Sunflower says

    The children soo cute!

  3. Beenish Sheikh says

    you look gorgeous with long hair

  4. Emma Emma says

    I really wish I could drink tea it would probably help with my skin but unfortunately I have a really high iron deficiency and as tea minimize the absorption of iron so I can't drink it ?

  5. Eve says

    Muchachos is only for BOYS,so….

  6. Lilac Luisa says

    Muchachos means “boys and girls”. My mom is a teacher here in Panama and “Hola muchachos” is how she greets her students. If you’d like to greet women/girls specifically, you could say “Hola chicas” or “Hola muchachas”.

  7. Ashley Rowzee says

    Love! Love your hair!!!!

  8. Hailey Parke says

    i have scoliosis too!!! finally found someone ??

  9. Kelly Renae says

    Would be so cool to see a video of the ways you use your herbs. For recipes, baths, and other uses! (:

  10. Vuddigiri Sunitha says

    Hi I have been seeing your vedioes from Last 20 days, I am very happy to see you routine.i am also person like living simple but need to change few things in my life style. just want to wish good luck.

  11. Eden Alemayehu says

    Your videos are helpful and inspiring… God bless you and your family

  12. Claudia Granato says

    “Hola muchachos” is just the same as, “hey guys”

    So you can say “hola Muchachos to a group of guys and girls, just as you would
    “hey guys” to a group of big and girls. ?

  13. Dev Samdev says

    Can I see the ingredients for your smoothie ? Please

  14. Dev Samdev says

    I Love doing yoga ☺️

  15. Helena Soldevilla says

    I'm a Spaniard. "Muchachos" is masculine, "Muchachas" also exists. Just because you asked.
    Lovely video and lovely channel!!

  16. fitsum bederu says

    Thank you for these my mom loves it

  17. Melissa Cardenas says

    Muchachos is for both genders (only with the s at the end)

  18. Grace Gowesky says

    looks yummy!

  19. Manali Sankhe says

    Poetry •you are enough•

  20. Loving Meryem says

    everything except the stretching was cool to watch, that part just dragged too long

  21. BK G says

    Lol “muchachos” is masculine-plural, “muchachas” is feminine-plural. But ☝?when it’s a group of both males & females, you always go with the masculine term! Therefore, “muchachos” is both, plural (when both genders are present), and it is also masculine-plural, when just males are present!

  22. Music Dog says

    I am taking Spanish 2, and I think muchachos refers to all because in spanish when you refer to a group of people you use the masculine plural -os. Even if it is a group of girls with one boyo in it, it is muchachos. It is only muchachas when the group is all girls I think. I hope that helped!

  23. Palma Orellana says

    I'm Spanish, "Hola muchachos" it's perfect and for everyone ???

  24. Fer Indies says

    hola muchachos is for both genders

  25. World of a Reader says

    You're so flexible, I should start stretching too. You're so beautiful!

  26. Sara Dorris says

    I thought when you said "crooked spine" you said "perfect spine" meaning its completely straight. Oops lol

  27. Candice D'rozario says

    Who's here looking at the cute kids and she playing with them instead of listening to the benefits.. I was literally so Ingrossed in them sweet little babies playing along with her. 😉

  28. Jessica Isabel says

    My Window is open 24/7 no matter if the sun is out, if its raining or snowing. Fresh air is so important ?

  29. cubangirl00 says

    she being pregnant and stretching, me being 19 and unable to touch my feet anymore 🙁

  30. cubangirl00 says

    muchachos with a s, is plural, so applies to girls and boys! spanish native speaker here !

  31. Healthy and Wellnes - For a better Life says

    Your sharing is really helpful. Wishing you health and success

  32. Carissa Chalsma says

    LOVE Cutco! I'm a sales rep so if you want more feel free to let me know! It's the only kitchen knife I'll recommend now!

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