10 Most Unusual Batting Stance in Cricket | Simbly Chumma


10 Most Unusual Batting Stance in Cricket | Simbly Chumma

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Concept by – Harish.V
Researched by – Harish.V
Narrated by – Vandana
Edited by – Vignesh Ramachandran

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  1. VIPER says


  2. Anil Khub says

    Abe bewadi AbD Ka naam hi nhi hj

  3. Kumar Sangakkara says

    164 test.
    11867 runs.
    51.37 average.
    30/66. 100/50

    268 matches.
    8778 runs.
    41.60 average.
    11/59. 100/50

  4. Amal Rai says

    What about Ijaz Ahmed's batting stance????

  5. Radial Omer says

    The list is bullshit

  6. BAMBAM GAMEZ says

    Wheres number 9

  7. Anubhav Sood says

    In those days no target was safe from klusner….

  8. Vallakatla Raghu says

    No 9?

  9. 10K subscribers without any videos Challenge says

    Please subscribe me guys


    U missed dada

  11. kishore j says

    i dont like this

  12. Akhil Nr says

    Hlo where is number 9

  13. rockstar 123 says

    chaderpaul should come at no1

  14. Hi Speed says

    A.B.D ?????Seriously?????

  15. AS The Cool Guy says

    Rory burns too

  16. Pradnya Deore says

    @simbly chumba I hope it doesn't come rude to you but shikar dhawan takes a big stride

  17. Shivashish Jha says

    Where is no.9

  18. Health and Cricket Talks says

    Piterson, nayar smith inka itna difference pata nehi chala

  19. Rutvik Patel says

    Where is abd?

  20. Ankit Makvana says


  21. sachin kumar says

    Fawad khan pe jyada focus kiya gaya hai

  22. Sathish J says

    No 9 ?

  23. Pvithran nk says

    Where is coulin munro

  24. manvith polam says

    I have a complain wher is number 8???


    Who thinks that even Rory Burns has a weird batting stance ?

  26. prabhu Rahul says

    Vinod kambli

  27. Indian songs says

    Kaha se unusual lag rahe sirf kuch ko chod ke

  28. Handa Natmal says

    I like mc millan style

  29. Udhayan Uday says

    Missing izaz Ahmed stance

  30. Rita Gupta says

    why din't show the ninth one

  31. Anubhav Gautam says

    I appreciate your Pronounciation.
    It's simple, gentle and perfect….

  32. Gaurav Singh says

    Number nine was barely a second ?

  33. Barath Vjn says


  34. Rithik R says

    Which is number 9

  35. curvel george says

    I am sure Lara and Gayle would have been there…. but I suspect why…

  36. raja sekar k says

    WTF abd lara Ponting johnson??????

  37. Sathiya Moorthi Koodalingam says

    I miss Hayden's front foot

  38. Vlogaholic says

    Rory burns for sure


    you are showing fawad alam half century highlits

  40. Kumaran Bhss says

    You don't talk in the middle of the video

  41. Sdadsa Asdafas says

    No Like, No Share, No Subscribe and No Bell icon…

  42. Anshika Singh says

    What happened with no. 9

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