10 Things To Know Before Travelling To SYDNEY – Travel Tips for First Timer


In this episode we wanted to share our Travel tips – 10 Things To Know Before Travelling to Sydney Australia. This is a perfect Sydney travel tips and Sydney Travel guide for First Time Traveller to Sydney.
From food suggestions, where to stay, when to go and transportation around Sydney.

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Important Links mentioned on this episode:
Australia’s Customs – What can you bring and what can’t you bring into Australia

Tourist Refund Scheme – GST Refund for Tourist

This Episodes Features:

Opal Card
The Opal Card is a reusable & rechargeable card for all your public transport option around Sydney. Like busses, ferries, trains and light rail.

One of the fastest and easiest way to get to Sydney CBD is by train, however if you are looking for the cheapest way to get to the city then busses or Uber are still the way to go. But I found the train to be efficient and less of a hassle especially If you are a first time traveller and staying near the train station around the CBD. With the exception of peak hours, it should be a comfortable ride
Cost: 17 AUD (approximately)

Klook offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever you travel.
Discover and book in-destination services at the best prices. With a few taps or clicks, you can be ready to explore Sydney

Similar to Klook, Groupon offers a lot of more of your local dining and experience cuisine on discounted price. One time we saw a fine dining at Kobe Jones priced at around 60 dollar (that was a nice Japanese restaurant with like 13 set course meal!

This is Sydney official transport app which is a great way to check Train Lines, busses timetables and even has real time gps tracking of your transporation.


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  1. Lifetime Travelmates says

    "not sponsored by the way!" ??? cracked me up!

  2. Asha Hindlekar says

    Hey nice information..Love from India ❤️

  3. keerthi kelum says


  4. Suganda Nata Atmaja says


  5. Mr Bill Hilly says

    The train trip from the airport is "expensive" because you have to pay a station access fee to use the airport stations. Public transport in Sydney is reasonably priced, so Sydney to the Blue Mountains won't costs you more than $8:40 one-way. Maximum OPAL spend on the network is a $15 a day cap.

  6. the real test of the story says

    A best thing about Sydney is leaving a shit hole of a place

  7. alexandra dominguez says

    How can we have you guys as a tour guide??

  8. seyyed hosseini says

    Card friendly? That is not the case in Auburn

  9. Husky Puppy Paws says

    I'm thinking about going there and meeting my ibf!!

  10. Byron Chavarria says

    Sydney Better Than NYC

  11. Rajinder Sunda says

    Which is the colder month in Sydney?

  12. oke and says

    tip. 11: don't just go to bondi beach there are so many more and better beaches

  13. Tod Davis says

    I recommend staying around North Sydney. It is generally a lot cheaper than the cbd and it’s only a couple of train stops away from the city

  14. Peter Chatman says

    I rekken this was a great top 10 things to know when travelling to Sydney. I grew up there and saw the Opera House being built from the ground up. Great place and bazillions of things to see and do with 160-200 kilometre range. Thanks for taking the time and posting – well done

  15. Shinta Martin says

    Hi Nick and Helmi could you recommend "what to do" and "where to visit" in Sydney for 2 days in autumn season?

  16. Ellaine Mae Mahusay says

    Hi. My boss suggested to get the iVenture Card. Would you recommend it?

  17. gazstaf says

    Don't forget bushfire season!

  18. a'mel laguda B. says

    The sydney is amazing in real life but ive been watching your video i never get in sydney,austrlia

  19. a'mel laguda B. says

    The sydney austrilia is amazing

  20. Australian Transport Watch says

    I’m from Sydney LOL

  21. Eplesaus says

    I’m going with some friends to Australia next year. Thanks for making an actually good travel tips video. Really helpful 😀

  22. John Smith says

    Does anyone know if that city tram is working yet. That project was a fiasco and left a whole lot of streets dug up and no tram operating.

  23. A K Wyld says

    Mate as a born n breed Aussie…
    Here’s some other attractions…and for hands on experience of Aussie animals try Featherdail Wildlife Park, train ride up the mountains (express Mountian Central all the way to see the 3 sisters or explore the Royal National Parks ), travel around (hired car) Mount panorama the home of the Bathurst 1000 (happens every October), tour the local museums, head up Gold Coast Queensland (theme parks central), watch a footy game or two (AFL or NRL…our try blue home grown sports), take in our history (both the good and bad…educate yourself and take home new knowledge), cross the harbour bridge ground level (IN WHICH IS FREE!!), get in touch at your local (pub…there is plenty around, give VB or four X a swig)…try all of our food (as since we’re a mixed races country there is NO ONE TRADITIONAL dish: tim-tams, Lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits, etc….
    Visit during a national holiday: ANZAC DAY (honouring our fallen war hero’s kind of like Remembrance Day but for Aussies and Kiwis (New Zealands), Christmas (it’s gonna be a hot one), Australia Day (aka invasion day, where our white ancestors invaded the natives without asking or cooperation with them)
    There is soo much to do, ask around you never know who you might call a mate by the the time you rack off (go home)

    Also ask around, as Aussies r friendly n will help you if u need it!!
    Love fellow Aussie ?

  24. Bob John says

    Bruh, yall close your shops in 5pm? Here at Malaysia, we coose at mf 12 am

  25. all about bali says

    Great info

  26. William Fraser says

    Who the hell takes airplane food off the plane with them???

  27. Emerson says

    thanks for this sydney travel guide!!! going there this month!!

  28. Andy Xu says

    I thought drones are not allowed around Sydney Opera House?

  29. DJ Johnson says

    Their customs aren’t that bad! I had my own data on my phone and the hotel had free WiFi. The trains are easy to catch and so is the ferry. I don’t even take a bus in the States so I decided to not even touch that lol

    I miss Sydney

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