10 Top Tourist Attractions in Bangkok – Travel Video


Bangkok, with a population of over 9 million inhabitants, is one of the biggest cities in the world. Its heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife do not immediately give visitors a warm welcome. But first impressions can be misleading. It is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces, extensive canals, a vibrant nightlife and great shopping, that has something for every traveler.

Due to the city’s congested traffic, the best transport options around Bangkok are the Skytrain, the metro and tuk-tuks. A memorable way to experience Bangkok is by a boat ride on the canals. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Bangkok:

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  1. Akash Sapkota says

    Donate me some money so that I can go Bangkok someday

  2. PHOUNG says

    กระจอก ไอประเทศที่สายไฟยังเอาลงไม่ได้ ฟุตบาทโง่เหมือนประเทศโง่ ๆ ถุย!!

  3. Brother SMan says

    One of my favourite cities that I have visited. Grand Palace is just phenomenal

  4. Jet Keem says

    Thanks you for this sharing..

  5. Rasdie Jay Clifton says

    i'll be visiting thailand soon because of SARAWAT! haysss im a fan here!!!! Nice Thailand!

  6. Rasdie Jay Clifton says

    i'll be visisting thailand because of SARAWAT! haysss im a fan here!!!! Nice Thailand!

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  9. nur3424 says

    Is the grand palace is accessible for tourist?

  10. H Z says

    Oh where is the ancient city… that is my favourite!

  11. CHER MARL says

    I like Lumphini Park It is beautiful and very shady.

  12. White Boy says

    Where can i get solo traveller group???

  13. 『・Unicorn Galaxystudio . 』 says

    Thanks my family and I will be traveling this December 26 I AM SO EXCITED

  14. Albert Utomo says

    yo thanks, because im goong to bangkok on january

  15. thea thea says

    Yun wat pho po ba nasa grand palace?
    O iba pa yun?

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    just wanna ask what camera are you use…?

  18. Maty in Thailand says

    Check my channel for best shopping in BKK

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    pretty amazing been there also.
    I made video also on my channel.
    I did subscribed to your channel too. xx

  20. Pbr_rocky 142 says

    It's amazing zing zing….keep it bro

  21. eduard gevorgyan says

    Бангкок с населением более 9 миллионов человек является одним из крупнейших городов мира. Его интенсивное движение транспорта, сильная жара и озорная ночная жизнь не сразу дают посетителям теплый прием. Но первые впечатления могут вводить в заблуждение. Это один из самых космополитических городов Азии с великолепными храмами и дворцами, обширными каналами, оживленной ночной жизнью и отличными магазинами, в которых найдется что-то для каждого путешественника.
    Из-за многолюдного городского транспорта лучшие варианты транспорта вокруг Бангкока – это Skytrain, метро и тук-тук. Незабываемый способ познакомиться с Бангкоком – поездка на лодке по каналам. Вот посмотрите на основные туристические достопримечательности в Бангкоке

  22. KhmerGuide says

    best improved version of Khmer culture + Chinese and Laos 😀

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    Thank you so much.Welcome to Thailand.

  24. Sun says

    Definitely my favorite city ❤️

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    Hey we love your video, Bangkok is awesome, stunning images thanks. We also did a vid called Things to do in Bangkok, check it out and we hope you like it 🙂

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    amazing Bangkok

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