10 World's Largest Football (Soccer) Stadiums


Behold, ten world’s biggest football stadiums by spectators permanent capacity. North Korea at least has something to be proud of.

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Top 10 biggest soccer stadiums:
10. Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata, India
Commissioned in January 1984 for mixed-use. Mainly used for football match. Used to be world’s biggest stadium with 120,000 seats before major renovation happened in 2011 to current capacity of 85,000.

9. Borg El Arab Stadium
Stadium located in Alexandria, Egypt and opened for public in 2006. It is second biggest stadium in Africa after FNB Stadium with capacity of 86,000 all-seater. The stadium is part of Egypt campaign for FIFA World Cup 2010 but lost to South Africa.

8. Estadio Azteca
Means Aztec Stadium in English, commissioned in 1966 with official capacity of 87,000.It is the first ever stadium to host FIFA World Cup Final match twice(i.e, 1970 and 1986). The highest record attendance ever when hosting boxing match, about 132,247.

7. Bukit Jalil National Stadium
Build in preparation for hosting 1998 Commonwealth Games, it is officially opened in early 1998 exactly 6 years after groundbreaking ceremony. English football clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool sometimes matched with Malaysia XI in this stadium during their Asia Tour.

6. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium
Formerly called Senayan Main Stadium, it was build during Bung Karno era, hence the stadium rename for remembrance. The biggest event held so far is 2007 AFC Asian Cup. It is opened in 1962 after 2 years of construction that took 19.5 million dollars.

5. The Rose Bowl
Located in Pasadena, California; commissioned in 1922. With capacity of 92,542 it’s 11th biggest stadium in USA. besides hosting soccer, it also hosting NCAA matches. the most rpestigious ever mach ever held was 1994 FIFA World Cup, and 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, both in final matches.

4. Wembley Stadium
Build on top of demolished original stadium, the new stadium is not just the biggest stadium in UK, it’s also the world’s biggest stadium with retractable roof designed by Populous and Fosters + Partners that costs about 798 million pounds.

3. FNB Stadium
It’s a main stadium during FIFA World Cup 2010. However it was called Soccer City for meet FIFA requirements. It is also called The Calabash due to its resemblance to the African pot. The highest record attendance ever during match between home country versus New Zealand: 95,713.

2. Camp Nou
Home stadium for one of the world’s best football club, FC Barcelona. With seating capacity of 99,354, it is the largest in Europe. It hosted numerous prestigious matches such as UEFA Champions League, 1982 FIFA World Cup, as well as 1992 Summer Olympics.

1. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
Located on an island river Taedong in Pyongyang, North Korea; it is opened in 1989 and has been used for mass game called Arirang beside football matches. It’s scalloped roof features 16 arches arranged in such way which resembles magnolia blossoms. Offers seating capacity of 114,000.

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  1. Engineering8 says

    FUN FACT: Record attendance IS NOT EQUAL to permanent seat capacity.

    Too many people in the comments confused between the two.

  2. Selim Mubarak says

    Camp nou is best

  3. valter santos says

    E o MARACANÃ que 88 mil lugares você esqueceu seu trocha trocha porcão parese que palmerense seu burro

  4. Hadi Hard says

    Mes que un Club, visca el Barca.

  5. Jojo is legend says

    how TF is that american stadium for 88.000

  6. Zeeshan Haider says

    Hahahaha bro see motera cricket ground his capacity is 3,lakh bro haha

  7. محمد رويني says

    Welcome to the July 5 stadium in the Algerian capital, the largest and most beautiful African stadium⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⭐⁦♥️⁩?⚽⚽July 5 stadium 80 thousand seats

  8. Adela Lawrence says


    මෙය අනවසරයෙන් සම්බන්ධ කර ගත හැකිදගිල් ඇසුවේ ඔහුගේ ප්‍රකාශය බැරෑරුම් බවය ඔහු නැවතත් ලුසියාගේ අත මිරිකුවේය

  9. Hoseok’s Nose says

    Rose bowl BTS.

  10. Estella Rich says


    සියල්ල හොඳින් පැවති අන්තර්ගතයයාවින්ග් ඒන්ජල් ප්‍රවේග සමඟ ගැලපීම සඳහා ගසාගෙන ගියේය

  11. Annah Auckburaullee says

    If Old Trafford capacity was 200,000 it would still be full???

  12. Brian Maynard says

    No MCG would beat Nou Camp easy and be close with North Korea, but no stadium would have 100k crowds consistly like it. It has had a football crowd of 100k with national team qualifying for WC

  13. Keith Miller says

    It's soccer not football

  14. Tai Halpern says

    The rose bowl is an American football stadium, not a European Football (soccer) stadium

  15. Govind Lenin says

    Warning salty Iranis in the comment section about stadium

  16. امیرمحمد اسدی says

    Azadi stadium

  17. Little Pickle says

    Imagine 2 of North Korea's stadium packed. That's how many people the coronavirus has killed

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    One stadium beat all of these sofi stadium

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    Fun fact:

    BTS will book for the concert

  22. Craig Thomas says

    Top stadiums deserve the best quality lighting, take a look at the 1500lux football stadium lighting effect https://www.mecreeled.com/2016-fifa-u20-womens-world-cup/

  23. Mario Barderas Fernandez says

    No sale el SANTIAGO BERNABEU, me parece un gran error.

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    0:46 soy mexicano, y me da un chingo de pena que la gente vea como México es tan caco, y llena de anuncios todo el estadio

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    Where’s the benfica stadium that can hold 60000 people?

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    follow us channel. thank you

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    Wc 2022 stadiums are lit https://youtu.be/F3wzxibvSgQ

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    El título debió ser los estadios más grandes del mundo.

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  31. Luis Martí López says

    Porque no está el Romano José Fouto?

  32. Mickael Putra Johanies says

    Gelora bung Karno
    Indonesia ????

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    In india
    If the capacity is 1,000 also the people will be just 600
    Coz there is no craze of football

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