10-Year-Old Has INSANE Basketball Handles


10-year-old Collin Tjin is way ahead of the basketball game…

Check out our update on Collin’s progress HERE!

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  1. hop says

    How tall is this kid at 10? Looks about 4 foot tall.

  2. Top Live Music says

    e se non cresce e rimane basso?

  3. Smile. 5 says

    Stop being mean to the dad’s voice chill out

  4. MisterMokay Vids says

    I bet his dad smokes 500000 packs a hour

  5. Trickstar says

    Jeez this kid looks tiny for a 10 year old

  6. Ligitscores says

    He has decent handles but teach him defense for once


    I am 15 and it is so so cute that the ball is bigger than him???

  8. Tony says

    That kid can literally beat me in a 1v1

  9. Chinmay Babu says

    Bro never change once u grow up

  10. Jessica Jose says

    I'm turning 10 but i cant do those handles or INSANE shots …

  11. DigDiamond123 says

    I'll meet this kid in the NBA?

  12. Lost. says

    If i were against him in basketball, i would just let him cross me.. my ankles will live to fight for another day

  13. Christina Mcintosh says

    On yeah that dribbling skills tou I can do that ?? HEY no I can not ?

  14. lol Lol says

    Not trying to be cocky or anything but I’m god at watching YouTube

  15. clampschris says

    Older Than me yet can't beat me ?

  16. Falah aby Boi finally change my name says

    A 10 year old wearing Yeezy

  17. Gloryboy05 says

    Anyone over 5’9 can beat him hands down

  18. Jacky G says

    I’m god at watching my phone not trying to me cocky or anything

  19. Anthony Murphy says

    collin: i go to the beach and jog in the sand

    no days off: boss ithink we have the next mj

  20. guy says

    I’m a beast at taking a $hit

  21. Slosh Ed says

    Lmao why does this kid get a whole video about him he ain't as good as me, or anyone I know

  22. Clancy Giann Rojas says

    I want to play with this kid. Please my basketball video in my channel.

  23. Ruzzix says

    He work on his game alot and I appreciate that:)

  24. Tynted says

    In 8 years this kid will be in lakers absolutely balling on everyone no cap

  25. Swifty says

    The kid: a hooper hooper

    The dad: a smoker smoker

  26. Blue wold wolf Of greatness says

    This kid is the next Kyrie Irving

  27. The awesome life of David says

    If his job was an nba player, he would be a billionaire by now

  28. Smart Donald says

    That’s me ok i’m not lying i’m so good at basketball my dad says i’m a champion

  29. Nichole Otterness says

    What is his shot tho…

  30. Zaland Khan says

    He’s better than me in everything else but I probably think I am better than him at sprint

  31. HisRoyalMajesty 08 says

    Not to be cocky but this kid can beat a whole WNBA team ??

  32. Hidden Frozo says

    He is good he just needs to get taller but he is really good

  33. ShadowZ Adan says

    This kid isn’t good he shoots on his chest

  34. Zachary Abell Alvarez says

    His dad sounds like he’s just starting to go through puberty

  35. Hendric Van Dee Veldt says

    This kid is nothing compared to that one armed Chinese kid

  36. Colin Hoffmann says

    Hey my name is Colin

  37. Patrik Tobias says

    He’s literally throwing from his chest

  38. Kyle Gilchrist says

    Worst time to have a soar throat ?

  39. IVAN THE GAMER says

    he doesn't look like a 10 year old feels like a 7 year old

  40. Dan 24 says

    This is pathetic

  41. Zachary Mendez Graves says

    The dads voice is so rusty he should put some cream on those vocal cords

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