11 iOS 14 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now


Apple experts David and David tell you about iOS 14 you should turn off now. If you’ve watched our previous videos about settings to turn off now, you may have already done many of the steps in this video. However, when you update your iPhone, a lot of these settings get turned back on. There are also a handful of new iOS 14 settings you should turn off too!

1. Turn Off Preload Top Hit [0:11]
2. Check Important Privacy Settings [0:39]
3. Location Services [0:50]
4. Which Apps Need To Know Your “Precise Location”? [1:15]
5. Non-Essential System Services [1:25]
6. Significant Locations (Significant To Whom?) [2:55]
7. Does Apple Need To Know My Location To Improve Their Products? [3:14]
8. More “Analytics & Improvements” To Turn Off [3:30]
9. Personalized Apple Advertising [3:54]
10. Research Sensor & Usage Data Collection [4:25]
11. Background App Refresh — Which Apps Need It? [4:58]

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  1. Noushad.m rashes sulfiket says


  2. Richard Walsh says

    I wish you would go slower. I usually have to rewind and rewind to make sure I’m on the same page as you guys. I also find it helpful to show us your phone screen as you go through the settings…thanks. I’m learning a lot?

  3. Laura Sgarlato says

    My phone never has the same items in place where yours does …iPhone 7 plus here and gen 6 iPad same there wth

  4. Skippy Skippy says

    Great information guys thank you!

  5. Robert Swindall says

    Following all your advice. Thanks.

  6. Cody Jacobsen says

    New Yorkers?

  7. เยี่ยม

  8. Jack Mckeown says

    With background app refresh off for messaging apps you’ll still be notified of a new message. That’s not how this feature works

  9. Aileen Alexander says


  10. Belinda Hudkins says

    Love you guys but really wish you would slow down a little. Very hard to follow when your speed talking.

  11. Bill Galang says

    App crashing youtube in iphone 6s

  12. Paul Martin says

    Yeah… people turn off all these things and then complain when things don't work as they should. Good job Dunning & Kruger… ?

  13. Alan Martinez says

    The more features they add the less you actually need! Thanks for the great videos.

  14. Eagle DreaM-ReuLa says

    If you need to 11 iOS 14 settings turn off, I think do not buy an iPhone!!

  15. Don Vittorio Sierra says

    background app refresh is separate from notifications by the way

  16. marianne jennisch says

    When will the 14 come out for everyone

  17. anahita a says

    great video thanks so much

  18. richapoole says

    I’m in the UK we don’t have IOS 14 yet.

  19. Pete Davis says

    Thanks guys, from an old Englishman! ?

  20. Keith Sweet says

    Fook IPhones go to the channel ,,,The Hated One ,,,, and wake up to the corruption on Goggles and iPhone ….

  21. Cee Tee says

    Thank you!!

  22. STVYT says

    ? “…when you update many of these settings get turned back on.” Can anyone confirm if this is true for ANY updates (eg even 13.x small updates) or just upgrades? Also, anyone know which ones specifically?

  23. gen x tech guy says

    Is it true that 4K YouTube is available in IOS 14?

  24. anes medic says

    guys i have a problem with my iPhone 6s when i record a video there is literally no sound but when i talk to somebody/call it does work and youtube music everything works but video when i record how do i fix it?

  25. J T says

    I don't think you guys make things clear enough when disabling all those flags under "System Services".

    First it has functional impacts on many services like navigation, compass, network connectivity, reminders, etc. It's not obvious which one is impacted and how if you don't list out the impacts of each turned off flag extensively. It's not enough to look at each others and say "for us, it's been ok, you know."

    Second, the battery impact is overstated: the main location service is querying GPS satellites, cell towers and nearby wifi and bluetooth devices anyway.

    In a nutshell, it's high risk low reward for most people.
    Disabling things for privacy concerns is good though.

  26. Jonathan Baldwin says

    Hi guys why don’t you do a video what’s on your I phone like a lot of you tubers do if you can that be fun

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