13-Year-Old With INCREDIBLE Freestyle Soccer Skills


13-year-old Nick Seyda is already a professional soccer freestyler.

COMMENT with how many soccer juggles you can do!

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  1. Whistle says

    Check out our newest episode of NO DAYS OFF!

    9-Year-Old Wants To Be The FIRST Female NBA Player- http://whistle.video/2yLm352

    Let us know what you think?

  2. Cameron Jones says

    This kid is awesome “never stop ok??????????????

  3. TroggleRantz says

    He died yesterday of a heart disability…


  4. Nicki’s Vlog says

    Boy: i am soccer master Nick:lets go see if your better

  5. Tracy Sipes says

    I would be frustrated if I couldn’t play soccer for a while like I would pitch a fit

    Aka: I play soccer I love it:)

  6. XRAYAN MHX says

    Some people are born with a talent and my talent is crashing my bike

  7. Rob's Innovation Station says

    I think you might be ready now for our FootBasket aka SoccetBall precision training gear like Messi uses: https://youtu.be/ZvFPdCKOR_k

  8. Swifty says

    This kid is a professional soccer freestyler as I am still trying to find the fridge in the dark.

  9. soccer rules says

    I can juglle 20 times.

  10. Luke Bomar says

    my best juggle is 30

  11. Ashton Minks says

    Keep staying safe love y’all

  12. ethan hunte says

    what's the kid's juggling record?

  13. Lyra Johnston says

    When I was cleaning my room I kept repeating keep pushing

  14. Lyra Johnston says

    Once I watched this video I could not stop watching it

  15. lifewithdesire says

    What if your in class in school and your mad

  16. Leanne Bishop says

    He's so talented for a baby waw

  17. Sports Seb says

    Great story I feel bad for him

  18. aguskafree says

    yes beautyful testimony by our young freestyler <3
    thanksto God for him and his life !

  19. Victoria Mendez says

    This is very inspiring and he has an amazing story. He has gone through many hardships and was able to overcome it. I really liked hearing his reason for being in the world. I myself went through something similar. I was announced to have a 30% down syndrome but I ended up being born fine. I was also born with a whole in my heart and born premature at eight months. His story is something that can inspire many people including myself to continue playing soccer.

  20. Erin Smith says

    My son is a freestyler and he would love this

  21. Kamali Sam says

    It was very nice and how are you doing

  22. Ava Fusco says

    He is good!

  23. Jeremy T. says

    Kids in Africa are 10 times better than him

  24. Deklan Warren says

    How can you even freestyle like that

  25. mike A says

    a 13yo with ball control? That's a first

  26. alagit 06 says

    Ik a guy thats better than him

  27. Cooper Miller says

    184 my record! Amazing

  28. The Olive says

    Well done for trying and getting somewhere

  29. Exhylarate says

    Kids like these are winning national competitions while in still trying to see the light while closing the fridge

  30. Jackson Weaver says

    I appreciate that kid for what he does

  31. Danny Distefano says

    This kid is the only kid without a big ego but Americans need to realise soccer is British so it's actually called football

  32. TRSJ Games says

    It’s football

  33. Carlos Jimenez says

    It’s funny cuz my uncle is really good at soccer, has the same last name, and his brother’s name is Nick as well

  34. Aryanbir CHADHA says

    f2 now f3

  35. Sergenowe Hopweres says

    Basketball is really great. ?

  36. No limit Lehman says

    Is nuting a sport

  37. Expo Delay says

    But can he pass and shoot?

  38. The Real Savage G says

    Great keep going ?

  39. Chillibboys Guys says

    I want an iPhone 11

  40. Neto Roleplay says

    Beautyful boy

  41. Regure says


  42. casaiii says

    Not to sound negative but in most of these thumbnails when I see somebody 11, 12, or 13 etc I imagine they would have a deeper voice and then I watch the video and end up surprised.

  43. Steve Jobbs says

    Kid: Doc my knee hurts what’s wrong with it?
    Doc: yeah um your knee is actually dead…


    This is probably my favorite No Days Off

  45. Lucio Fernandez says

    You’re an inspiration Nick. Keep going. It was a pleasure for my family to meet you tonight at Red Bull Stadium.

  46. Akash Gomes says

    First of all it’s Football !!!!!!!!

  47. StephenGage says

    Happy for you man! Keep doing you!

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