14 Things I DISLIKE about iOS 14


14 Things I DISLIKE in iOS 14 | iOS 14 Features & Changes (2 Weeks Later)

iOS 14 is a great software update but it’s not perfect. And in this video, we cover some of the features & changes that I do not like, or that I think can be made better. These include the new widgets, different UI elements, Siri and more.

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What’s your biggest dislike about iOS 14? Or do you like all of the new features the way they are?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    What's your biggest dislike in iOS 14?

  2. Dom Xem says

    Maybe iOS 24 or 25 or 26…

  3. liaxgunionn x says

    does anyone elses live lockscreen wallpapers zoom in too far so u cant see the full live video? because mine is doing that

  4. Mich Washington says

    The reason why I believe it toggles on and off is to always keep you connected to your devices longer as opposed to going back and forth to settings to turned it on/off it is actually a smart feature tbh. It’s continuity feature across all devices.

  5. Johannes says

    10:12 how this app on the left is called?

  6. John Doe says

    13 minutes long video about first world problems.

  7. Mohd Danish says

    Love ur videos ❤️❤️❤️ exactly same wishlists i also have

  8. Miguel Kennedy says

    10:04 On iOS 14 or later, I want to see the doppler radar added onto the Weather app because I want to see how strong rain, thunderstorms, and hurricanes are and whether the rain is coming and going and how strong it is. I really want the ability to have severe thunderstorm, rain, and hurricane alerts as well as heat wave alerts and many more weather alerts in the Weather app. That’s what I want and that’s what other people want as well

  9. Miguel Kennedy says

    9:24 On iOS 14 or later, I want the ability to bring back the scroll wheel as I’m adding the time the event starts on the Calendar app. I don’t want to type in the time manually. I don’t like the new interface on the Calendar app. It seems like a step backwards. I really want the scroll wheel to be back as I’m adding a calendar event. That’s what I want and that’s what other people want as well

  10. Miguel Kennedy says

    7:02 On iOS 14 or later, When I’m talking to Siri, I want it to run in the background while I’m talking to her and while I’m accessing other apps and doing other things. That’s what I want and that’s what people want as well

  11. Miguel Kennedy says

    4:46 On iOS 14 or later, I also want the ability to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth completely and I also the option to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth temporarily until tomorrow. That’s what I really want on iOS 14 or later and that’s what people want as well

  12. Miguel Kennedy says

    3:05 On iOS 14 or later, I want new ringtones and alert sounds to be added to the ringtones and text tones section where it says Sounds And Vibration Patterns of the Settings app. I also want the ability to add my own ringtones and text tones on the Ringtones section of the Settings app. There should be a button that says download and add free ringtones and text tones as well as other ringtones and text tones. That’s what I want and that’s what people want as well.

  13. Jack Mcintosh says

    Is there a way to remove it without a pc if I don’t like it and will it automatically put the real iOS 14 when it comes out

  14. Vasim Akram says

    hi bro

  15. Iam LGH says

    My biggest dislike is the widgets because its looks like an android phone

  16. Lokesh Vamsi says

    Is back tap support in touch id phones

  17. Peter Johannsen says

    So…. is this a tech channel complaining that there aren't third party widgets yet, during the second beta of iOS 14? Interesting.

  18. Hermes Perez says

    it’s still in beta so these things can still be changed

  19. Alan Atkin says

    the sooner apple just let people do on android the sooner they sell more than they already sell…

  20. Ali Ekrem Aksu says

    You are just lazy to swipe

  21. akhil Rajeev says

    Siri new future didn’t work my iphone x

  22. AntTooWavyy says

    What I don’t like about it is when you’re on facetime in picture picture mode when you go back you can’t see yourself anymore

  23. Our Vegan Gap Year says

    Couldn't agree with this video more! You perfectly summed up all the 'wishes' I definitely have and am sure so many others do… Apple, take note of Brandon and the rest of us!

  24. Gaming Garchomp says

    The only change I want from iOS 14 is to have custom folders in the app drawer. The ones they automatically pick for you aren’t very useful

  25. Denis Gonzalez says

    People keep talking about being able to change default apps but not a single person has mentioned how to do it. I might just be dumb but everyone makes it seem like its already a feature in IOS 14

  26. Ryan Blake says

    Is there a compass widget?

  27. Simeon Rogers says

    Wish upon a fallen star?

  28. Giovanni Malausa says

    I wonder what's the point of time stamps described like that, if not increasing watch time :/

  29. KerryAndBerry Vlogs says

    Ring tones. Oh wow back in the day this was THE reason you’d update a device. I actually forgot all about those

  30. Drift Boy says

    Give this feedback to apple via the feedback app

  31. Kelly Anderson says

    Have not been able to down load ios14 betta apparently not available iPhone XSMax.

  32. opponent 116 says

    I think if apple lets you put the apps anywhere it would be too androidy

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