1946 ENIAC Computer History Remastered FULL VERSION First Large Digital Elec.Computer Educational


ENIAC Computer History, an educational film: The First Large Scale, Programmable, General Purpose Electronic Digital Computer ~ ENIAC – original 1946 announcement film, restored & new narration. ENIAC, “Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer”, was designed by J. Presper Eckert and Dr. John Mauchly. ENIAC used 18,000 vacuum tubes. This rare film shows the ENIAC in operation in February 1946, when it was first announced to the public. Features the designers Eckert, Mauchly, and Army liaison Herman Goldstine. Also shows women in computing environment, as programmers, analysts and operators, configuring ENIAC for computational problem solving.

Primary designers of ENIAC, J. P. Eckert and Dr. John Mauchly, founded one of the FIRST computer companies: “Electronic Control Company”, which was later incorporated as the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation (“EMCC”) in Philadelphia. EMCC became part of Remington-Rand in 1950.

Eckert and Mauchly also designed and built the BINAC (1949) and the famous UNIVAC I (1951) computers. Their early work helped give rise to the electronic digital computer industry.

In 1997, six of the women most involved in the programming and operating of the ENIAC were inducted into the “Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.” They were Kathleen McNulty Mauchly (Antonelli), Jean Jennings Bartik, Frances Synder Holber, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Frances Bilas Spence and Ruth Lichterman Teitelbaum.

This 9 minute film gives you a unique view into some of the very earliest days of large scale electronic computing. Modern narration has been added to the film, which was originally silent. Restoration/editing– Mark Greenia; Modern Narration- Patrick Phillips.

Uploaded by Computer History Archives Project (CHAP).

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  1. humor says

    tbh its more modern and powerful then I thought, 18k transistor in 1946 sounds pretty good.

  2. Archana Sharma says

    People before 1970 and 80 had a another type of mind I ispires me to become a inventor

  3. earth ONE says

    Was there a 'tube' for watching videos? ?

  4. earth ONE says

    Smells like burning…? …world's first fire wire..

  5. Corona Pallbearers says

    The narrator's pronunciation is so clear haha

  6. Oriol Arnedo says

    Hello guys, do you own the copyrights of this film? If you do, could I use some clips for a non-commercial educational documentary film that I'm producing? Thank you very much!

  7. Aadesh Arti Vlogs says

    Great informative, Computer History Archives Project.



  9. Franko Walker says

    Wonderful restoration. 3:03 What a beautiful smile she has.

  10. johneygd says

    Just mind blowing!!!

  11. tretegg says

    600th like

  12. edward butters rivas says

    An inspiring video for students of Computer Science

  13. Tim Nicenips says

    Little did they know that the entire human race will be destroyed by a computer it created and it's already started, how exciting to see technology advance this far, can't wait to see what happens in the future how fun!

  14. spartus says

    pride in themselves..American made ..sad to see everything CHINA or Taiwan built disposable crap..

  15. Egzon Oruci says

    and you know how much worth was it? 10 million dollars ?

  16. HaL says

    So ENIAC's legacy is.. EMCC Inc. ->  Remington Rand  -> SPERRY  -> Burroughs  -> UniSys Corporation… which still operates to this day…

  17. Khawza parwez says

    Great informative

  18. Ashida says

    From a full room size computer, to smartphone size powerful processing power, I hope I can see quantum computer which right now also a full room size in IBM and D-Wave lab, can fit a desktop size within 30 years from now.

  19. Head Pox says

    Great to see the old film restored – thank you.
    9:19 It would be nice to see Australia's first computer (CSIR Mk1 later known as CSIRAC) from 1949, inserted in the list of Earliest Computers.

  20. Diego Sanchez says

    It’s amazing about the fact that computer back then filled a entire room. But today’s computer can fit in your hand. Humans are crazy.

  21. Kay Ess says

    Were vacuum tubes were also used like a transistor to form different types of gates for decision making? Or vacuum tubes were part of a setup like transistor which were then used to create gates?

  22. The Lavian says

    I've often heard it said that the blinking lights shown at 3:25 were added merely to appease the media who needed something a little less esoteric than static knobs, switches and punch-cards to show the public.

  23. drew luna says

    what does it compute?

  24. Goede Both says

    Great video! I would like to use short sequences of the video for an open science elearning module. Do you own the rights to the video or is it public domain?

  25. Scott Loiselle says

    Awesome job, enjoyed the heck out of it. Still wrapping my mind around 18000 tubes….the heat generated, the power requirements, I imagine they must have had one or more full time persons just for tube testing!

  26. 3replybiz says

    It was an analogue numerical computer but a true electronic machine. The way it was programmed was determined by the way it was patched.

  27. girlstorm09 says

    I can imagine back then when the advertised new computers…maybe a newer and more improved one. better and smaller then that ENIAC. "Can you believe this new computer only takes up ONE room now oppose to the once before two rooms!!" "just one room folks! we are coming a long way…." who would of thought computer would one day fit in someones pocket and be as powerful as 1000s upon 1000s of ENIACs but together! They need an ENIAC emulator for smart phones! they probably wouldnt of though that was possible either! A computer with in a computer….O.O

  28. SterileNeutrino says

    ENIAC on a Chip? Yes we can!
    1997: "A group of students at the Department of Electrical Engineering have designed "ENIAC(TM)-on-a-Chip", under supervision of Professor J. Van der Spiegel in collaboration with Dr. F. Ketterer. This was done as part of Eniac's 50th Anniversary Celebration. They have integrated the whole "ENIAC" on a 7.44 by 5.29 sq. mm chip using a 0.5 micrometer CMOS technology". – http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~jan/eniacproj.html

  29. Izzyfromoregon Oregon says

    Looks like some species of a bingo machine.

  30. Amr Koptan says

    The Brilliant work of Eckert and Mauchly was based on the original design of Dr. Atanasoff and his First Electronic Computer named Atanasoff Berry Computer, Although both denied their work to be of any relation to Dr. Atanasoff, he raised a lawsuit and proved his patent in a long fight because of a letter Dr. Mauchly wrote – which he completely forgot about in the court – asking him to use some of his ideas in a commercial computer. still ENIAC is known to history to be invented by Eckert and Mauchly Work, everybody forgot about Dr. Atanasoff. both ways thanks for providing this rare footage.

  31. Matt Nielsen says

    I'd like to see the looks on their faces when shown a modern smartphone that blows the socks of ENIAC. With all due respect, it was a great machine. And what an achievement.

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