20 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs [2018]


In this video, we reveal the 20 best WordPress themes for travel blogs in 2018.

Having reviewed 100’s of WordPress themes, taking into account speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness and functionality, we’re excited to help simplify the process of choosing a WordPress theme, and share with you the best WordPress travel blogs themes for 2017 & 2018.

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Best WordPress themes for fashion blogs:
1:27 | 1. Soledad WordPress Theme –
3:25 | 2. Newspaper WordPress Theme –
5:06 | 3. Voyager WordPress Theme –
6:36 | 4. Olsen WordPress Theme –
7:18 | 5. CheerUp WordPress Theme –
8:04 | 6. SimpleMag WordPress Theme –
8:41 | 7. The Voux WordPress Theme –
9:15 | 8. Insight WordPress Theme –
9:48 | 9. Suarez WordPress Theme –
10:23 | 10. Super Grid WordPress Theme –
10:56 | 11. Extra WordPress Theme –
11:19 | 12. Alder WordPress Theme –
11:55 | 13. Wayfarer WordPress Theme –
12:25 | 14. Sensational WordPress Theme –
12:53 | 15. Metro Pro WordPress Theme –
13:23 | 16. Divi WordPress Theme –
13:55 | 17. MyBlog WordPress Theme –
14:23 | 18. Vogue WordPress Theme –
14:51 | 19. Medym Travel WordPress Theme –
15:19 | 20. Amoeba WordPress Theme –

Top WordPress theme providers:
Elegant Themes:
Tesla Themes:
Template Monster:
Mojo Marketplace:

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  1. Thee Apollo says

    does anyone know how to achieve the same effect that WPVoyager has where the map is the header and they can add multiple pins at a time and even link multiple posts to one marker if there are multiple posts for that locations?

  2. Courtney M. says

    Love how you guys put this together. Thank you for sharing!

  3. 50 Sfumature di viaggio & Scozia on the road says

    what do you think about letsblog and grand blog? is good and easy yo use for a travel blogger?

  4. Gami Polizin says

    1 & 19

  5. Travel Teez says

    Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  6. thenikkhazami says

    your voice sounds familiar. do you work for The Verge?

  7. Wandering Backpacker says

    Which one should I choose between soledad and Voyager for a travel blog?

  8. Wandering Backpacker says

    Why am I not able to find soledad?

  9. Matt Mutungi says

    cheers for this upload. could you advise me a theme that is free. just starting off and so you could imagine my budget is pretty tight. thanks again

  10. Shinelle Jamie Smith says


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