20 Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas to Start Your Own Business


Introducing 20 profitable agricultural business ideas for starting your own business in 2020. Watch how to write a one page business plan – Like, share and subscribe young entrepreneurs forum channel to get future videos.

Thanks for watching these 20 profitable business ideas in agricultural industry.

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  1. MAH KHAN says

    Proaunciation very poor.!!

  2. Frank Tran says

    This is grossly simplified and doesn't have any data to back it up.

  3. la sihsu says

    Nice one in your idea about agricultural business

  4. Lunga Shenge says

    Are there any Soy distributors in KZN?


    Good video

  6. Sikho Sikhao says

    How can we protect farm from locust attack??

  7. inder 22 says

    Hindi bolne ki dukh hota hai kya ???

  8. hussein satt says

    what is your idea about Agribusiness define in different places . for example I reviewed this clip @

  9. Gary Morse says

    21. Start a vegetable indoor , protected from the rain growing business we are in solar cycle 25 which will cause much more rain. This will last many years.

  10. Chandan Tourism says

    Simple but effective

  11. Sanjay Sharma says

    तुम vedio बनाने वाले मुरख हो क्या, aggri bussiness किसानों से संबंधित है तो प्लीज speak in हिन्दी.

  12. Hina Batool says

    good ideas

  13. Proud African American says

    Thank you

  14. David Fakler says

    One good idea for agribusiness. Selling and Trading of Chemicals, Fertilizers, Equipment's to farmers from various parts of country.

  15. sweetie gwal says

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