The New 2019 HP Omen has been revamped with better cooling and a new HP Omen command Center that allows fan control and does a great job in balancing performance and temperatures.
This live stream was recorded on Twitch and I show several games, the clock speeds, power usages, temperatures and frame rates.
I show what it is like in Default power mode, High Performance, GPU Overclocked and the CPU undervolted.
I show benchmark graphs, chassis thermal temperatures and fan noise.

My unit is the 15t with the i9 9880h and 2080 MQ.
It was bought from www.hp.com.
If this laptop runs cool then the lower end SKUs will do so too.

The 17″ model is available on Amazon (i7 / RTX 2070)

00:00 Overwatch
08:50 BF V and Benchmark Graphs
19:16 Rainbow Six Siege
25:14 Far Cry 5
33:08 Software
33:56 Thermal Image of chassis temps

Source: https://jamesmartinlive.com
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  1. SirWouter says

    Has the OMEN Laptop 17-cb1175nd in the command center the fan speed control? Let me know!

  2. Sakchhyam Shakya says

    Did u cap the frame rate to 120 or was it like that when u played overwatch

  3. mramo11 says

    great reviews! you are doing us all a great deal of help. thank you for that. i do have one question, need help about choosing the right/better laptop:
    1) HP Omen 15, i7-9750H/16GB/512GB SSD/RTX2070 8GB/15.6"FHD 144Hz/FreeDOS (7RY32EA)
    2) ACER Predator Helios 300 NH.Q53EX.025 / Core i7 9750H, 16GB, 1024GB SSD, GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB, 15,6" IPS 144Hz FHD
    PLS HELP. what matters to me is 144Hz, nicer graphics, not too hot and not too loud!

  4. Captain Gryphon says

    been using the hp omen 17 2019 model for over 2 months now.and i must say it has extreme overheating issues. plus the metal body causes double the problems for the heat.

  5. Jan Stt says

    hello! does the performance mode increase fan speed?

  6. Jevgenij Zebrikov says

    How are thermal now? Mine with I5 9300h and 1660ti died in 5 months ?

  7. David Carracedo says

    Hi, thanks for all your great videos about laptops comparisons and testing, i want to know what software do you use for see the thermal specs of CPU and GPU in the games.

  8. Shahid Shaik says

    Does hp omen 15 2018 too contains the same version of omen command center.

  9. Yah Sekay says

    for what stands the "t" ?

  10. Gredel D'sklnt says

    What a shitty laptop, in first place this laptop can`t keep the speed of the processor, then I ask what is the purpose of having such a "powerful cpu"? when you cant really use it at its max, therefore if you love your money don`t throw it away, now helios 300 can keep the boost clock for hours and hours and it doesn`t thermal throttle full clock speed of 4 GHz it dont matter what game it is.

  11. christaloney19 says

    Thanks for testing the thermal performance 🙂 ! for what stands the "t" after omen 15/17 – can't find models with a t online. best regards

  12. Ahmed T says

    Can you please test the omen 17

  13. Boffil DK says

    How much watt in this GPU??

  14. Funkmeister says

    might wanna start uploading these in 1080p 60fps there chief. Video looks choppy and doesnt do the laptop justice

  15. Charles Fu says

    Nice review! Would you mind sharing model number of this laptop? I saw a version on amazon.de with "OMEN by HP 15-dh0012ng" in the title. Based on preview images on purchase page it should be the same model but I'm not sure. Should I make up my mind to buy this laptop, I'd opt for i7-9750h+RTX 2080 max q. Considering that cooling solution is enough to tame i9 CPU, I guess 9750h won't be a problem. I wonder however, with proper tuning whether it can perform similar to y740 top spec 2080 max q with lower fan noise while keeping core temperature under control.

  16. Catalin Militaru says

    My Hp omen 15 rtx 2060 is overheating 100C, I undervolted the CPU and i could get 90C but is still too warm! IDK what to do more…


    Are you streaming this game through OBS or with elgato or other capture device ?

  18. A C says

    What would be a better option omen or y540 or hp pavilion. All with i7 and GTX 1050

  19. Jordan Hurd says

    Are you able to utilize the nVidia Studio optimization features on the laptop? Plus, what is the color accuracy of the 4K version? Finally, does the SD card reader accept UHS-2 cards and can it transfer at those speeds? I’m a filmmaker and my primary camera is the Panasonic GH5.

  20. TorlakovBg says

    Hi, I'm getting laptop soon, if I were to choose between Omen 17 2019 with RTX 2070 and MSI GS73 Stealth GTX 1070 Maq Q, which one is the better deal? MSI has much more heat pipes, does it necessary mean better cooling? Can you switch between integrated/dedicated graphics in the MSI? I dislike the Omen's hinges it seem too fragile. I'm kinda leaning towards MSI, seems more reliable. They are at the same price tag. Which one of the two would you choose? Thanks a lot!

  21. Red Star says

    nice review . Does omen 15 version gtx1660ti has
    144 hz display

  22. Spartan Patten says

    ADS next time

  23. Jonathan R says

    It's too bad they couldn't have put in a hybrid mode to switch for better battery life.

    I do like how cool it runs and how it looks compared to older model. Plus, it's not crazy overpriced compared to other i9 laptops.

    I just kind of wish they let you run the CPU at 45 watts even for better performance since temps are great.

    Granted it would be hotter, I like having options to run hotter/more power or being able to run cooler/less power depending on the situation. Kind of like what gigabyte did with the new aero.

  24. Nate B music says

    Is the Hp Omen 15t the one with the white logo instead of the red logo on the back?
    There are reviews of the 2019 omen online but it has the red logo and no t

    Also the 15t online doesn’t have the one bar connection, it has the old 2 bar connection for screen and keyboard

  25. Idris Hussain says

    Would you recommend Acer triton 500 gtx2070 for £1800 or Omen gtx2080 for £2300. For overall from build to performance?

  26. andrea beccarisi says

    I can't believe my bad luck! I just unboxed the newly arrived HP pavilion 15 that Steve reviewed a few weeks ago, and guess what? A dead pixel right in the middle of the screen! Hopefully the post sales service will help

  27. Grant Henneke says

    So does the 2019 model with the 144hz display have G-Sync?

  28. Vishal sundararajan says

    My new Dell G5 2018 model, shows the battery wear level as 7% in HW monitor, is this normal? because the laptop is only 15 days old and i have set the option to Adaptive in Dell power manager.

  29. Rhanji Lawrence Perez says

    Hp parts site dont say liquid metal as a replacement unlike the X 2S

  30. R S N says

    Finally the game test, Thunderbolt 3 yeah nice, it's relatifly cool, i definitely would buy this laptop but the i7 and 2070 version. Thanks man. Nice review.

  31. Avi Angelou says

    I think you've been looking forward to this one, so congrats, and great review!

  32. Serj Star says

    Are u playing in 1080p or 1440p ? Good frames if in 1440p but in 1080p would be a bit low I would expect from a rtx 2080 slot more

  33. CricLive says

    Sir hp Omen rtx 2060 i7 9th gen or Lenovo y740 you prefer

  34. Tereza Přibáňová says

    I wanna get the i7, 1660ti, 16gb ram version of HP Omen (it's also a 2019 model). Should I be worried about the temperatures in that one? All the 2018 reviews mention in as one of the major downfalls of these laptops, but I can't find any info about the new ones, unless they're the top end models.

  35. Balkeet007 says

    We say battlefield 5 is CPU intensive but u still getting 100fps with CPU clock between 2.6-3 GHz. This was helping in lower temperatures. But still its auto fan is better than Helios 300 which can't manage to keep CPU cool

  36. Haloblackops Tenken says

    The laptop is very great with the cooling, but I'm already set towards the Eluktronics MECH-17 G1Rx or the Lenovo y740. But in your opinion, which one of the three laptops would you choose?

  37. Kevin P. says

    Man, that Mech 17 is a beast.

  38. Dalibor Čarapić says

    What is the price of that model?

  39. OculuntO says

    Nice review ! Any chance you will review the 17 version ? Do you think it would perform better?

  40. devesh parmar says

    The best channel on YouTube!
    Keep up the good work.

  41. Haloblackops Tenken says

    <3 livestream was fun.

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