24 Hours Behind The Scenes: Preparing For A F1 Race Weekend


As the team prepared for the 2014 United States Grand Prix in Austin, we spent 24 hours behind the scenes, following Race Mechanic, Ole Schack and Race Team Co-ordinator Gerrard O’Reilly.

We show you what their role involves in the 24 Hours before they leave for the race. With Formula One race cars to prepare and build and over 30,000 kilos to co-ordinate, pack and load – they’ve got a bit on…

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  1. José da Cunha Filho says

    And this from a team that was, by then, loaded with cash after winning 4 constructors in a row. But I wonder what life is like for the crew of a team such as Williams now, strapped for money, with uncompetitive cars, limited development, and morale as low as it can be, especially coming from a team that had, in the past, won so much.

  2. Shravan R says

    Why does everyone in Red Bull sound exactly like Christian Horner

  3. Arnie workoholik says

    8.50 Bang & Olufson BS9000 ?

  4. mantho prokopi says

    now i understand the Hass director when they said "Shut up" to magnussen when he was saying "This is the worst car i have ever drive" .all this peopel trying theyr best and the driver don't care

  5. Adebayo Ogungbesan says

    Rather see a champions team- Ala mercedes

  6. Adebayo Ogungbesan says

    Who cares about this loser. He has won nothing. And he is all hype

  7. Suresh Rajan says

    amazing job..hardwork ??

  8. Adam Balding says

    Glorified Kwik Fit mechanic in cleaner conditions

  9. Rick Morty says

    0:21 duct tape is the only sol.

  10. CATLUCKY says

    Ow, Adorable Catto

  11. Rupert Migtau says

    Very bad carbon footprint ?

  12. Philip Squire says

    "Not a bad way of earning a living" 🙂

  13. Zachy002 _YT says

    350 dislikes are from Ferrari as seb was racing for them

  14. heardashot says

    "If you did'nt enjoy it, time to get out" – so true for every aspect of work. Thank you very much, that was fascinating!!

  15. Rupanjan Shome says

    I am ready to sell my soul to get a job here

  16. Igna D says

    What a great job!!

  17. Charlie1821 says

    A lot of respect to the logistics and operations teams, what a nightmare.

  18. FreshlySnipes says

    Imagine accidentally leaving the wheel gun box at the office ?

  19. Stuart Maginnis says

    an F1 race

  20. Tiger Cub says

    TICK TOCK! VOTE #Trump2020 or #AdiosAmerica . #weseeyou CS

  21. Brendan's Travels says

    Great B&O wall stereo!

  22. rup pert says

    Mercedes F1 sponsor Crowdstrike Dmitri Alperovitch then from a company called Network associates had brought in a group of 12 military hackers from Russia their group wrote viruses and backdoors to viruses allowing for spying on the fortune 100 as well as the Nasdaq 1000 fortune 500 as well so that is the nefarious background of CrowdStrike SPONSOR of MERCEDES F1 Please be careful Rest of F1 teams CROWDSTRIKE does OPPOSITION RESEARCH so their business is COMPROMISE and SPYING on opponents. Protest it at the FIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6trMhjTgp_Q

  23. jjamanda says

    Nice to see the idiot boards for loading purposes, I remember taking a part out as hand luggage for Jaguar when we were doing flowers for the paddock good old daysNow red bull have made it there home

  24. Mavout says

    1:16 Red Bull Racing Forklift

  25. Felix jesus Pizana diaz says

    Time for work

  26. Omar Elfawal says

    you guys looking for an aprentice ????

  27. Precision Lift says

    Now i see why REDBULL is expensive

  28. J Mc says

    Your missus out catching shaft when you lads are away

  29. Games TV says

    Nice to meet the guys who make F1 possible.

  30. tartredarrow says

    I spy an SV650!

  31. Anti-theist says

    "Every day is different". What a load of bollocks when they are doing the same thing. Poor bastards attempting to justify their existence and job. They are go-fers. Ass lickers.

  32. cccecider says


  33. Quantoma says

    imagine working this hard on a fucking car and a hour later its crashed

  34. TTTMusic says

    i didnt see this was from 5 years ago, as it popped up in my recommendations, only realized when he said, he builds the front of Sebastians car ^^

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