24 Marble Race EP. 1: Lucky Race


Welcome to the new series of marble race called “24 Marble Race”. The first episode is Lucky Race, 24 marbles have to race thought 5 races and only 1 will be the winner. Can they beat the randomness and be the luckiest marble.

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  1. Danimation says

    Warning: The comment section is filled with spoilers so I strongly suggest not to read the comments until after watching the video. Crazy Marble Race, please pin this so no one gets spoilers. Thanks 😉

  2. domino 22# says


  3. โชค ชัย says

    1st Maroon 2nd White 3rd Brown

  4. Mylou says

    finish 6th sniff

  5. Minh Anh Ho says

    Omg i choose maroon

  6. รัตนาภรณั ธํารงภักดี says

    Wow Maroon !!!!! Winner

  7. Carl plays says

    At least my Color is at 2nd

  8. Royal Scott says

    Black allwase balack

  9. Countyballs Productions says

    That gap between 3rd place and 4th place at 21:44 Should be 4th place and 4th place will be 5th place which will be 6th place which will be 7th place which will be 8th place.And 8th place will be black.

  10. Blue Raven says

    I know vid is old but I go with blue. Btw thanks yt algorithm. 10:58 noooo he was speedrunning the thing only to get a reset nooo damn why is this better than watching sports tho haha. After 1 hour of 5 places left my guy hit it clean af jo 16:23. 5th place well done thats my boy. He could've been 1st tho if maroon would've gone right 20:47 so clooose boy this was exciding

  11. Modern575 says

    When your favourite colour doesnt make through the 1st round… Rip Ornags

  12. nojusXDcrazy says

    I guest ice
    After i watched the video
    Me: cries

  13. God Ness says


  14. Nintendo Switch bodies says



    win navy win

  16. Cafesito xd says

    I always choose 9 lol
    Green, Teal, Lime, Tourquoise, Mint, Cyan, Ice, Lavender and White
    1st Stage:Teal R.I.P
    2nd Stage:Lime, Touquoise R.I.P
    3rd Stage:Cyan, Lavender R.I.P
    4th Stage:Green R.I.P
    Final Stage:2nd White 7th Ice 8th Mint

  17. Gosia Majdykowska says

    15:06 Maroon is speedrunning

  18. Bound T. says

    Going for purple if it loses than mint then ice

  19. Liezel Molit says

    Im voting red

  20. Chichen says

    Rooting for white was hella stressful

  21. Mr Kitty says

    Late but im going for brown

  22. Leonardo Cuevas says


  23. [][][] Roblox gamer [][][] says

    I hate this now black and yellow didn't always win unlike

  24. Kiedoy Garcia says

    Crazy marble race what are all the songs? I like them. Great job on doing this

  25. Vacolic says

    I hope blue wins

  26. chris nelson says

    Me every time I lose one: Ima just choose 5 ok?
    three seconds ago a ball won tho (winner is my last ball)
    Again me: dam these rigged

  27. giang trần says


  28. Eman asher says

    My marble is ice mint pink

  29. Sklame Sb says

    I knew mine would make it to the podium

  30. GabWorldTV says

    S-T-A-R S T A R 7:59 S T A R 2 10:19

  31. WHYRU Triggered says

    I think maroon will win

  32. Ice Cube says

    How does ice fail for so long then flawlessly advance at the end?

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