3 Scary Games continues with a special guest taking over the video today! Don’t worry… you’re all in good hands… he definitely won’t scare you…


Siren Head: Retribution ►

Smudged ►

Goodbye Gordon ►

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  1. Red GOD333 says

    Same thing happens when he dies

  2. Red GOD333 says

    Sonic Exd

  3. AlvisRBLX says

    The thumbnail is scary 🙂 its also like my style

  4. Dingle Burger says


  5. RyeLynn says

    love how the last game consisted of lines entirely from hlvrai.

  6. Depression Pie says

    Rewatching this after watching HLVRAI, this makes so much sense now. Mark is so confused and I love it

  7. angelfire says

    i find it so fucking funny that markiplier’s playing a hlvrai fan game while the creator of hlvrai considers him his nemesis

  8. Buffy mc says

    3:35 Wow the pen in the paper even has visible idents

  9. Mae Mae Meg Mego says

    This is markimoo when he sees siren head


  10. Loretta Bes says


    I've missed you!

  11. Abby Bigham says


  12. providence395 says

    make a reaction video of the walten files

  13. SimpTrooper says

    Imagine walking in the woods and hearing” he turned himself into a pickle”

  14. Melanie Xie says

    how does siren head see? ;-;

  15. Daniel Newman says

    Ever notice how when Mark gets scared his face turns flat. 10:48

  16. • W H I T E • says

    Markiplier:that thing looks terrifying
    Me:I CANT SEE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. F4ZE T1MEシ says

    Dude mark you need to play Pipe Head

  18. diegamer23 25 says

    hlvrai aaaaaaaaaa

  19. diegamer23 25 says

    spells "theend" could tell it from the "t__en_"

  20. Ryuko Blood Streamer Twitch says

    Thind ….. oh right TINDER ??

  21. Zevox 90 says

    Oh no return of darkiplier

  22. rockowl 763 says

    Why does tiny box tim sound like a low budget yoda?

  23. Techy_boi says

    siren head pops out the trees
    siren head: what's up fu**ers

  24. A says

    my heart when he said "they're good people" ahhhhhh thank you Mark

  25. Jyp Best boy says

    does anyone remember that one Big bill hell's car commercial in one of Mark's try not to laugh?

  26. Elianna Sinkule says

    game: The End?
    mark: i got THEEND!! didn’t get the question mark but..

  27. Elianna Sinkule says

    there’s something not scary ab a rogue alarm system

  28. humpty dumpty was pushed says

    dear god i remember when he started this series i am a fossil

  29. Clarissa Noels says

    “ He calls himself. Pickle Rick. Funniest Shit I’ve Ever Seen. “

  30. Luna Cranston says

    Scary/Boring perfect short scream
    Jake: Plays Night of hill and there was no jump scares Wow! I love this! I wanna keep playing it everyday
    His mom: Really?
    Jake: Yea Doesnt pay attention and looks at screen
    Hill monster jump scare
    Jake: DAH

    Keep going..

    Your here :3

    Listen.. I don’t think Night of hill is a game.. I just made it up ha.. sorry
    If u enjoy “Comment” or say something about the story

  31. Zoie Rose says

    * has bad day and mental breakdown *
    "alright let's watch some markiplier to cheer ourselves up-"

  32. Han Su says

    I'm low-key starting to ship Lixian and Mark.
    Lixiplier anyone? No? okay…

  33. _xXPupperXx_ says

    Markiplier: AHAhahhAhAhAHAHhahaHAHhahaHA!

    Me smiling like a fucking goof:
    He scream like baby

  34. Tsume Greymere says

    That is a nice set of lungs! Mark: "there's supposed to be a thing here there's supposed to be a circle!" ~Proceeds to scream continuously~ Me:*dying of laughter*

  35. Aanjoli says

    how are you not a voice actor

  36. valeria salinas says

    TiNyyyyyyyyyyy BoXxxxxxxxxx TiMmmmmmmm!!!!!

  37. Teuton 29 says

    sirenhead: walks like CJ
    smudged: Lego Starwars Yoda death

  38. Queen Harmony says

    He is so cuteeeeeeee

  39. Wtf is wrong with these starts and the games they scare me

  40. Geo Matrix says

    I watched this while peeing and it became infinite pee

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