50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget


Title: 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget
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(HQ Version) Nalepa – Monday [The Glitch Mob Remix]

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  1. anas MHD says

    i get those gusepumps every time when i see that sergio roberto goal and i remember that history barca remontada ❤

  2. Dylan Goddard says

    #26 was just a header.

  3. lucas schaeffer says

    bro y u a barca fanboy

  4. Sally Miles says

    OK this was a good vid but who does a top 50 goals vid and doesn't put Frank lampard in it I mean come on not even eden hazard

  5. Ana Elsy Cornejo says

    No one talking about the assist.

  6. g4maro 102 says


  7. Ahab Bellamy says

    Italian hater ?

  8. Sezer Ülker says

    It was a really nice video, which may be of interest https://youtu.be/pnSvd_dcpt8

  9. Szunek says
  10. Xd Firefish says

    We thought soccer at my school was sweaty

  11. fab q says

    Stop the music!

  12. Jason Bodhi says

    Ronaldo scored one of the greatest goals of all time and hasn't made your list? George Weah?

  13. Jerin Asfika says


  14. Drae says


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  16. Afsal Afsal says


  17. Aiden celts says


  18. Ayswifty Yt says

    who still watching in 2020

  19. Ugaye Lednore says

    les plus grands fans de football s'en souviennent

  20. Floyd Huynh says

    ronaldinho dribbling/running is so powerful!

  21. Emilio Samuel Lobos says

    so — basically some kids think a goal on erery competition us equal to World Cup????

  22. Fatih Kan says

    Most known goals should be the title. They're known because they're form popular matches. There are times of goals from all around the world. These aren't best goals. Some of them really stupid actually.

  23. marco guariglia says

    Maradona goal fourth??? mpfh…

  24. HYPER PRO says

    5:31 When the legends of legend comes out ?????.

  25. Micke Löfman says

    Amazing video! I guess you mostly follow Spain, England and Nationals, cause there's only one lord of uniqe goalscoring, and you only found 2 goals from Zlatan.

  26. ALIH played says

    Cassilas conceded 4 legendary goals lol

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