5v5 Basketball VS REAL Hoopers IN THE HOOD!


Best competition I’ve played against in a while!

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Hit the like button on this video if you want me to go back for a PART 2! ?

  2. Tu Truong Anh says

    6:00 push

  3. José Molina says

    Great stuff T Jass! Tough and skilled competition! ???????

  4. bliTz-beNz says

    If it ain’t double rim it ain’t hood

  5. MrTryhardKay95 says

    my boy tjass is a lob city passer

  6. NYG_DBONE 10 says

    You ain’t about that life

  7. octavious phillips says

    Promise you he won’t come to Charlotte NC

  8. Michael Williams Jr says
  9. Kid says

    Bruh on the intro you traveled

  10. AiM TRAINER says

    you can call it hood or whatever you like people just looking for something to hate on you

  11. Randy Legend says

    5 v 5!!! Brought to you by Advance Auto Parts!!!!

  12. GodThaProd Beatz says

    If you dont think this the hood then go there and find out??‍♂️

  13. fl guy says

    Good ballers up there

  14. Lauren Cannon says

    collective soul

  15. zvzSLEEPYzvz says

    White Chocolate I've never heard of that

  16. Tim Williams says

    Got Jaylen Brown on the court ???

  17. Stiff says


  18. Jeff Vader says

    I coach youth basketball and youth soccer. I played both at a high level and still get out on the court here and there.
    And I’ll say this, if the US had a street soccer culture anywhere near the level we have for pick up basketball, we’d win every men’s World Cup no problem.

  19. Cheif Queef says

    We need more Videos in this park

  20. Mike Frazier says

    Advance Auto Parts getting like $5000 worth of free advertising on this video.

  21. Caruso James says

    He ain't even stretched dough ?

  22. I'm Back Sucka says

    This was some of the best basketball I've seen on here

  23. TKS 13 says

    Why was buddy carrying like dat

  24. glitchy gamer 984 says

    yo t jass that court is the worst way to stay safe from coronavirus cos no one wears a mask and there are SOOO MANY PEOPLE THERE.
    the video could have been before the coronavirus but i'm guessing it isn't.

  25. owen Lee says

    i want play with you

  26. 3dogz Woof says

    Waukegan courts always poppin. Thats my hood. Started playing there in the late 90s

  27. 2gritty says

    just cuz its an advanced auto right there you're not in the hood ?????

  28. Rey Garcia says

    At 7:40 that point dont count he didnt bounce the ball thats doubles

  29. Tovar Eli says

    NO CAP. DURING THESE TIMES, THESE MF TIMES!… watching this almost made me cry. Long live the game. ?❤️

  30. YunQuan ABG says

    yall niggas way too sensitive in these comments. Even i could feel the hood vibes just watchin the video. its always that one old head always gettin on the court . always 10 gangstas on the sideline cracking jokes playin dice or smoking gas. White boy was correct when he put "IN THE HOOD" in the title. I know das the hood facts! and im from Queens

  31. Tjeerd G says

    What shoes is Tristan wearing?

  32. Vanté says


  33. Zach Bullock says

    Been staring at the little speck from the camera lens this whole video. Please someone tell me i’m not the only one.

  34. Desertsage_96brighton says

    Yung Humma from turquoise jeep out there hoopin, i see you.

  35. Financial Charles says

    My mans T Jass just called Waukegan the hood i never thought I would see the day

  36. Spider Man says

    Come to Baltimore City pls.

  37. zahara wordlaw says

    Keep doin what u doin much respect

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