8 DIY Superhero Food Recipes


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Close your eyes and imagine that you go to a cafe to have a cup of coffee, and there, behind the bar, is Peter Parker himself! And delicious order makes charming Harley Quinn… You think it’s unreal? But we did it! Watch the new Trom Trom video with your favorite comic book characters!

Supplies and tools:
• Milk
• Eggs
• Vegetable oil
• Sugar
• Flour
• Salt
• Water
• Baking powder
• Printed superhero labels
• Wooden skewer
• Plastic fork
• Acrylic paint
• Marker
• Condensed milk
• Food colorings
• Gummy raspberries
• Ready yeast dough
• Sesame
• Mayonnaise
• Lettuce
• Cheese
• Burger patty
• Edible pearl powder
• Foil
• Printed French fries box layout
• Double sided tape
• Hot glue gun
• Golden foil
• French fries
• Fondue pot
• Brie cheese
• Hard cheese
• Soft white cheese
• Pretzel sticks
• Crackers
• Orange
• Ice molds
• Mint
• Cocktail glass
• Edible glue
• Golden puffed rice
• Cocktail straws
• Golden cardboard
• Sprite
• Powdered sugar
• Lemon juice
• Mixer
• Ziploc bags
• Oreo
• Black fondant
• Marshmallow
• Cardboard
• Clear gift wrap
• Decorative tape
• Sugar paper
• Donuts
• Gelatin
• Sour cream

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  42. Gregoire Allain says

    I love this movie

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