9 Failed Games That Had So Much More Potential


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  1. Pimp God says

    The background music is very jarring.

  2. Trunter Stephenson says

    What the HELL was that background music ?

  3. aden hunter says

    Brink? It was meant to be a parkhour based shooter that forever changed the fps genre instead it was this mess of a game

  4. Warriors 25 says

    Really?? No Kingdom Hearts 3?? What about Mass Effect Andromeda??

  5. Sgt Sphynx says

    Yakuza ate Shenmue's lunch

  6. Mario87456 says

    Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is a good example since a bunch of fucking idiots jumped on the hate bandwagon which is why it died. Shame on those fucking idiots SHAME. ON. THEM!!!

  7. blazingdragon22 says

    I'm surprised Duke Nukem Forever isn't on this list

  8. Peaceful Jalapeno says

    The last of us part 2 would like you to hold their beer josh ?

  9. Zero Rykos says

    Mass Effect Andromeda…

  10. Grant Kelley says

    "360 ollie heelflip" "and i used to think of myself as a bit of a skater" is that like a 360heelflip?

  11. Observ_ says

    The Last of Us Part II, it could have been an eternal masterpiece, until Naughty Dog decided to degrade that to another mediocre title.
    Wish there was a fan out there that had the potential of making video games, and making a redux of this game with similar gameplay with a better and more interesting story.

  12. Christopher Colvin says

    Aliens colonial marines looked amazing when they showed the footage of the marines making a list stand before you were killed by the queen and what we got was so horribly disappointing

  13. Pierremur says

    The biggest letdown for Colonial Marines was the ending
    push button, push another button, push third button, push forth button, Cutscene the ending credits

  14. Shaun Whyley says

    Operation racoon city had some very good ideas but with its crap A.I and dumb story,it was shot before it even started.

  15. Matt Rohde says

    The Saturn was Sega's last attempt at a console, not the Dreamcast.

  16. potatoking 343 says

    are we gonna forget about anthem? or did that game better and i missed the memo?

  17. marcwolfleach says

    That’s how many werewolves are in the order 1886

    This game that advertised itself as a secret order hunting werwolves has very few werewolves

  18. TheRealThizzKhalifa says

    Top 10 Pre-orders you regretting buying

  19. Liam Nelson says

    I'm not sure if it failed exactly I know it wasn't exactly successful though but the Mad Max game needs a sequel but doubt we'll ever get one

  20. Alejandro Mason says

    Metroid Other M, I was so stoked for a more action oriented Metroid game. But the story and how they botched samus’ character was very disappointing

  21. jason c says

    Mad Max

  22. Mick 8092 says

    I’m really surprised that they didn’t put anthem and prototype on this list. Both games had excellent combat but they lacked in certain areas.

  23. WITE FOX says

    The order was awesome

  24. Torennto Sukotto Bātonn says

    Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve been playing Fallout 76 recently and I had zero bugs or glitches

  25. isabelle collins says

    wait no one's going to mention how mind-numbingly stupid kingdom hearts 3 is and how it's a complete waste of time?? really? screw that game

  26. Landen Edwards says

    Why does Conker's bad fur day never get mentioned in videos like this?? I remember wasting hours of my childhood playing that game over and over again?

  27. Jesse Schoedel says

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

    In concept, this game should have been amazing. A legendary hero trapped behind enemy lines while his battle-trained daughters come to his rescue? Unfortunately, the devs decided to make the shooting bland and boring. And they did the same with the characters.

  28. gateship2 says

    I think Anthem had a lot of potential. I think it still has potential if 2.0 delivers.

  29. unchartedrocks1 says

    Watch Dogs if it was true 2 its E3 demo presentation.

  30. unchartedrocks1 says

    Kane & Lynch

  31. Christopher .Fischetti says

    Shadowrun for Xbox 360!! That game was so good, and ahead of its time.

  32. Matthew Edwards says

    Uh ff14? What?

  33. Cas says

    So you talk about FFXIV's first launch as a failure but are using footage from the current release of the mmo which is very very different from it's initial release. Why not use footage of the initial release when talking about the failure of the game instead?

  34. Revenant666 says

    Andromeda should have been on this list.

  35. Andy Pacheco says


  36. Iron Tarkus says

    The saddest tale ever told; I pre-ordered Colonial Marines

  37. Trevor Shadow walker says

    Jurassic Park Trespasser. It had a lot going for it but the fact it was rushed and was released unfinished is what killed it, in my highest opinion if they were given time the developers would have made a great game and honestly if they remade it and released it completely finished with better graphics I think it would do pretty good and maybe it would be a good VR tittle.

  38. mrkrabs8 says

    Damn, no one said RE3 remake??!?

  39. Merikk Soleil says

    I loved The Order: 1886s' presentation. It gave me the good Steampunk Victorian Occult London perfectly. I even forgave how it was a GoW clone. I'd love another game in the same universe, even with Galahad as the star.

    Another game a lot like it that had failed potential: Vampyr. Great aesthetic, good story, Horrible twist half-way through the game in how it became a generic combat-focused last half.

  40. José T says

    Residen evil 3 remake.. Is so short.. Is like a sinopsis of the original game

  41. david barnett says

    Fallout can be coop but not mmo Imo anyway. I love just being the hired gun for my friend when they do the bad guy runs so I dont feel so guilty ?

  42. Brandon Hochman says

    What about Goat Sim? The game is without a doubt, intentionally bad.

  43. Oosha Cardwell says

    Say it like Jules, shen-MUE!

  44. Kevyn Mera says

    Watch Dog's might have been a good one to talk about.

  45. Lee Jones says

    The one game that I thought had way more potential but I have not seen its successor to it or anything is the Legend of Dragoon

  46. Crunchy Bombed says

    Battlefield v far cry 5 halo 5 cod wwii and many more

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