9 Surprising School Fashion Hacks! DIY Clothes Ideas


Ready to get back to school with style? We’ve got a bundle of clothing hacks that will turn you into a fashion star! Learn to turn those long drawstrings into a stylish fashion touch and be sure to grab that old basketball and turn it into a handbag! Discover the best way how to wear a guy’s t-shirt or make a handbag out of a piece of fabric! Stay tuned for this and many more school fashion hacks and other clothing ideas!

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00:04 Basketball Handbag
01:26 Hoodie Drawstring Tie Up
02:14 Hairband Ribbon
03:50 Best Way to Wear a Boy’s T-Shirt
04:56 DIY Handbag
06:18 Rainbow Firework T-Shirt Design
07:09 Easy Jacket Handle
08:27 Customize Your Jeans Pockets
09:21 Emergency Handbag

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    Let me know which of these clothing tips are you planning to use first? ???

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    Much love from the Crafty Panda ???

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