A Day in the Life of Kendall Jenner at Chanel during Fashion Week | Vogue Paris


Vogue Paris followed Kendall Jenner for a day at Paris Fashion Week before the Chanel show. From waking up and having breakfast to getting ready backstage at the Grand Palais, spend 24 hours with the supermodel


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Interview – Maud Charmoy
Production – Papi Films
Music – Robert James Manning – Ghost and Ghouls


Gigi Hadid
Inès de la Fressange
Lorenzo Serafini
Karlie Kloss
Isabel Marant
Jonathan Anderson

Le nouveau programme vidéo sur la Fashion Week à suivre sur Vogue.fr : Créateurs, mannequins, célébrités, stylistes, make-up artists… Vogue a suivi tous ceux qui font la Fashion Week. Où comment vivre une journée d’insider à travers les yeux d’Ines de la Fressange, Anna Dello Russo ou Gigi Hadid…

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  1. Joie C. says

    Kendall and I are like, we have the same personality but i have anxiety.. It's like i can't speak in so many people…

  2. dorothy valery says

    Divine Miss JENNER! Love You So Much!

  3. A B says

    Tips to handle fashion week because we're all just going to strut down the runways of Paris fashion week lmao.

  4. Munawar Hussain says

    She is perfect.

  5. Al says


  6. Bella Carrasco says

    She's had so much plastic surgery since

  7. Teti says

    Wow she looks so different

  8. Rudranshi V says

    Nowadays every single top model belongs to a rich famous family. I miss supermodels like rosie huntington whiteley, miranda kerr, gisele and others who actually worked hard to be entitled "supermodel".

  9. Hannah Alegre says

    i want her to create her youtube channel

  10. Audrey says

    So many haters here 🙁 Honestly just say you’re jealous or u hate the Kar-jenner just because the media tells you to and move on.

  11. Bree Watts says

    I feel sorry for her a little bit? Looking at the clips here it seems that its true that she doesnt have much or any model friends apart from those that are just as famous as she is like gigi and bella hadid, etc. I know, first world problem, lol. But it looks like its not because she was snobby, she seems a little withdrawn, maybe thats why. I suppose everyone has their own struggles.

  12. Elyne Becker says

    3:33 on the left ;Lily rose Depp with the pink and green top

  13. Lila Altamirano says

    wish i could just decide i wanna be a model and be signed the next day

  14. Jayson Affiliate says

    Her life is certainly more interesting than mine. But don't worry folks. We'll get there. Just fight for your dreams. Work for your dreams. Anyway, here are the Top Selling Skin Care Brands on Amazon –> https://amzn.to/2Zq3PV7 affiliate

  15. Oma Sorochi says


  16. You.P. -/- says

    her face looks different now :/ so sad

  17. Ashley Trinidad says

    9minutes ago I watched taylor hill day in life and now ok I want to be supermodel<3

  18. Lorenda Cruzat says

    She's so pretty

  19. helen taetae says

    Fashion week is like final exam week for normal people

  20. scarlette c says

    im officially obsessed with kendall jenner

  21. Rosy y says

    Adut akech ?

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