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  1. Messi TheBoss says

    Messi's performance vs Albania back in june 2011. Dribbles, passes, assists, goals… he was on fire! One of those Messi games that aren't talked about enough.

  2. Reinaldo Marques says

    He play better than Barcelona in this game

  3. Stephen Blakely says

    Messi is the GOAT!

  4. Mukhammad Football says

    Not to mention Messi ???

  5. BornBaller says

    we all know messi is the best and c.ronaldo its 2nd in my videos

  6. Antonio Allenza says

    8:41 = RONALDO CAN'T

  7. magic hazey says

    Messi messi messi messi messi ?❤⚽

  8. Lee says


  9. ENZO says

    El mejor

  10. ENZO says

    El rey

  11. Anh Tuan Tran says

    Thế giới 10, Messi 17.

  12. Teresa José Ebo says

    Mese és. Buro ronaudo e mais. Cresce mais vi. Bose

  13. AN10 says

    The way he controls the ball is just absolutely insane. He moves the ball so quickly and can turn every direction while still maintaining complete control of the ball. His passing and vision was also insane this game, and a very underrated aspect of Messi's game that sets him apart from a every other forward for me. The most complete player of all time, and 100% the GOAT. Also I have to say this Argentina team seemed really good, they had good chemistry and were doing a lot of good one touch passing and tiki taka style football.

  14. Ahmed Zain says

    Messi ?? What a assist for Kun Aguero Amazing Assist and Goal ?❤

  15. The Goalfather says

    MTB you are my favourite messi video Editor, youre always up for these goosebump moments, in this video 9:19 gave me chills, how you stop the commentators sound and leave messi and aguero hugging them to this pro music, greetings

  16. Tushar Surankar says

    What is the point of watching last two minutes…just how thankful you could be to keep that for 2 minutes

  17. Rami Style says


  18. MESS1. K1NG says


  19. Matthew Akuza says

    make sure you suscribe to messi TheBoss and like great youtuber

  20. Matthew Akuza says

    messi goat

  21. Magic Brad says

    2:44 counter messi

  22. Stoner Official says

    That's what i've been telling people, even if football was not about trophies I would just whatch Messi with the same joy just because of his touches. He's just the best not about how much goals he has or whatever he's just the best.

  23. 윤지권 says

    Pass: xavi, iniesta
    Many goals:pele, gerd muller
    Dribble: maradona,neymar


  24. Diego Ríos says

    Someone will say “buh, is just Albania” but, Who cares? No one plays like this man!

  25. Diego Ríos says

    Messi is Maradona, Xavi, Ronaldo Nazario, Iniesta and Pele in one person ?

  26. EL MOTIN DEL 10 says

    sigan mi canal los ultimos 10
    canal de riquelme messi y mas 10✅✅✅✅✅✅

  27. Rahul barca says

    Business as usual for la pulga atomica

  28. iam ovi says

    Many ppl might say pele is better than him or doubt that he is not the best of all time.. but everyone will agree that he is the bestest ever dribbler

  29. KING MESSI says

    wow amazing dribbles

  30. 잼민이시러 says

    오우 날강두 저리가라

  31. Samuel Gutiérrez says

    La mejor época de messi …era imparable

  32. Honda Vario says

    Lives Update https://zee.gl/9LlAy

  33. Mouloud Fd says

    Genuis ✌️

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