Actually Making Good Units in Terran vs Protoss (Live Game)


I desperate restrain myself and put every effort in to avoid throwing the game. I tried my best.

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  1. Fromir says

    17:47 1000+apm setting those liberation zones :O

  2. Destroyer Ofhearts says

    I believe protos to be the hardest challenge for Terran

  3. Ildar Izmaylov says

    With saturation winter has a problem

  4. sean gardner says

    14:22 the liberators last words transmiting before getting cut off and destroyed

  5. Mean Canadian says

    do you think Winter ever reads his messages lmao, thatd drive me crazy with that flashing letter all day

  6. Λ says

    You should post more of your ladder games

  7. jonsolo32 says

    I would watch every ad if it was like yours.

  8. Armin Cortez says

    u were better, did some good harass, cancelled his expansions , you were nice prepared at the 13:39 battle; but fuck it; toss mobile(!) multisplash = op :/

  9. Èsarel says

    Winter I can play better than these plat players even though I haven't played since 2012 and i was in kindergarten!

  10. Ace Hardy says


  11. Ben Lee says


  12. Alex Hitt says

    What did winter see that caused him to get so many turrets? Warp prism?

  13. Chyży Żbik says

    So is MAXPAX still a thing?

  14. erytroxylon says

    Thank you for another Sweaty Try Hard episode Winter !

  15. CarlOD says

    Wheres jimmy ?

  16. Matheus Lopes says

    that splash damage happens so often with me and then i just go into rage quit mode

  17. Hidden Say10 says

    Noob question: Is this the special forces building pack?

  18. man, he fed so hard to those liberators.

  19. Loe Corristo says

    Finally a good game winter. I was fed up with last days angry coaches and other not so interesting videos.Thanks for playing terran especially. I'm struggling against protoss myself, but liberators are indeed useful.

  20. Seth Kownatka says


  21. Royal Lad says

    Lol so focused… Have seen beasty playing?

  22. Time for that TPM hax. Kill all the observers!

  23. TheUberDork says

    Crab rave + Wintergaming? Well. This is my life now. And I’m okay with that.

  24. ChessCraft says

    These videos really are getting pumped out o. O. Which is great! Love that there's so much content

  25. RUSapache says

    Who drew shvoosteca on minimap?

  26. Intrexa says

    Winter really showing how to get a high TPM in this vid

  27. Nate Hagen says

    Bunkers are permanent force fields, change my mind

  28. Zerg Cerebrate Wolf says

    That purple console looks really nice. I don’t remember what that one was, but i really want it

  29. Wisp # says

    What is hatred?

  30. SpikexSpeigel says

  31. Matias Santos says


  32. Lazlo Link says


  33. Chris Fisk says


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