Afghanistan SO Close To Upset! | India v Afghanistan – Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


Watch full highlights of the India vs Afghanistan match at Hampshire Bowl, Game 28 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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  1. SinkuMoni Hazarika says

    Like Shami after 21 years in world cup indian bowling

  2. Ayaan Amaan says

    Rashid: he is a great wicket keeper so I send him out
    Ms Dhoni: I am a great wicket keeper so I send you out

  3. Mo Sohel says

    I love indian team and afg

  4. Ryuk says

    2:38 Sahmi takes his revenge barely
    1st:- 2:58
    (Now hat trick count)
    2nd:- 5:23
    3rd:- 5:31
    4th:- 5:41

  5. M G Sangarwalll says

    Indian team don’t swear on Afghanistan team it’s your grant Ahmad shah abdali grand sons mohammad same to your family and you 2

  6. Mast Sports says
    Dhoni amazing stumping

  7. Shamanta Yeasmin says

    Afghanistan sucks cause thy got no wins haha.

  8. Helena Mamtaz Mili says

    Afghan better than pakistan and sri lanka.great player like rashid,nabi,shahzad,mujeeb and hazratullah.❤afghan.from bangladesh

  9. Jayaraman Anand says

    Guys as Indians, we have to agree, Afghanistan is the only team which gave us a tough fight and made it a difficult situation for us to win

  10. DS HOME says

    The match maker is bumrah
    Not shami

  11. Adarsh Mishra says

    I am big fan of rashid Khan and mohammed nabi

  12. Vijaya Kumar says

    India playing top tucker

  13. Basal Khan says


  14. R.H. Music Series says

    Pakistan team se toh ascha team afganistan

  15. Md δημον says

    Bro i am indian but still i confess afghanistan became a terror for 1.3billion indians that day?..i really like,how this young team countered an old and more experienced team like ours.i think Afghanistan will become phenomenal in coming days??????.love to Afghanistan from ??

  16. Kanha gurjjar Kanha gurjjar says

    Gujjar is king

  17. Shalu Singh says


  18. ツRanjit says

    0:0w smooth wicket

  19. Osama Tahir says

    What is kedar doing?

  20. muhammadad boota says

    Kholi is my favourite batsman

  21. TALI$MANN says

    Notice at 4:13 chahal started abusing Kohli said him chup means stay quiet Dhoni also told him something

  22. Md Shafique says

    King sami bhai love you bro

  23. Jahan polock says

    India are bot??

  24. Jiten Kumar Mohapatra says

    mahamad Sami is thebest bellower of india

  25. Geeta Gurjar says

    Sami is hat Rick

  26. Technical Ahsan says

    4:14 Chahal Remembers Ben Stokes

  27. Zain Ali says

    I love Afghanistan

  28. SANDEEP GUPTA says

    Moh sami deserve man of the match in this match .

  29. Saifullah Ismail says

    India love you ?

  30. Saifullah Ismail says

    S ok ok thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

  31. Abdul Khalik says


  32. Ram Das says

    I love India

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