Agriculture Quality Silage Making Process


Dairy Production Expert in Forage Systems, present the ten major rules to make quality silage for animals.

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  1. pradeep chaudhary says

    Please review this silage making process .

  2. Mohammed Ashfaq says

    Yeh khushak kiay bger es trah rkhny se khrab nai hota kia?

  3. tasty..cofee says

    You fucken ass hole…..bastard son of bitch…this technique is oldest one n now its discarded

  4. Tarig Nassr says

    Thanks, but we need english translation if possible

  5. Farwa Chaudhary says

    Anyone how to better the quality and quantity of Milk

  6. Betty Wekesa says

    Thanks. I have learnt a lot abt dairy farming,the problem is that my dairy cow doesn't like silage,it eats only a little

  7. gurpreet singh says


  8. Mike e says

    I don’t get it. The title of the video is in English yet it was narrated in different language.

  9. Narinder Puri says

    Kia sira milana many days its expired.

  10. Send Mania says

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  11. mohammed rafique says

    امریکہ کی مدد کے بغیر ہم لوگ ڈنگر بھی نہیں پال سکتے ! پاکستانی قوم زندہ باد

  12. mazhar hussain says

    سیلج تیار ہونے کے بعد کتنا عرصہ استعمال کر سکتے ہیں

  13. SPAIN VOLG says

    Great information thank u man

  14. Raja Saleem S Raja Saleem S says

    Very good

  15. Abdul Rasheed says


  16. Hafiz Muhammad Hashim says

    MashAllah Awesome process. Love it.

  17. Harcharan Bhullar says

    Sir ji buffalo ko bhi de sakte hai or kitna

  18. manpreet singh says

    V gud video

  19. adi ae says

    English title but hindi language. Wtf! It's a trap vid!

  20. Random Videos says

    complete silage making video

  21. బై బై says

    good job

  22. gurwinder kaur says

    sir nestle de feed da name dsso

  23. Rehmat Ullah Kundi says

    Thanks for Nice video. Air tight packing is prerequisite for quality silage making. What if we press the crushed silage into small packs (40 Kg) and then pack into a vacuum sealed plastic bags before storing. And this process can be easily automated. Will this effect the quality? Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

  24. Syaiful Ramadhan says


  25. Inbuilt Stamina says

    Very use full knowledge

  26. Muzzamil Khan says

    Goats ko Silage dy skty hyn?

  27. Jivan Gawarle says

    Do kg fbku

  28. Sony Phone says

    Bohot auscha hey mera vai r mey bangladeshi ho..

  29. Mohan Lal says

    sir,good morning send me detail making silage

  30. Shujaat Hussain says


  31. Arvinder Raju says

    ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਅਾ

  32. Hikmat892 Tv says


  33. saqib jamil says

    Good job

  34. moin mukhtar says

    Can we make silage with paddy (rice) grass

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