Alexa Chung: How PR Works & Normcore | S2, E2 | Future of Fashion | British Vogue


How does PR work and who invented normcore? Alexa Chung continues to investigate some of the more interesting career trajectories in the fashion world as she meets Brian Phillips of Blackframe PR, and Greg Fong and Emily Segal of art collective turned trend forecasting agency, K-Hole. Subscribe to British Vogue►►

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Vogue has dispatched contributing editor Alexa Chung to investigate the state of fashion today in her series The Future of Fashion. Alexa Chung will be talking to everyone from current fashion students to the heads of major design houses, via journalists, buyers and all the workers in between. Watch as Alexa Chung try to find out what the future holds for this multi-billion pound fashion industry; how the next generation will get fashion careers using all the tools available to them; and what the fashion landscape looks like in terms of sustainability and technology.


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Alexa Chung How PR Works & Normcore | SERIES 2 – EP.2 | Future of Fashion | British Vogue

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  1. Sarah Queally says

    Hi Alexa,
    …my name is Sarah , I am 61 and I stumbled on your site quite by accident . I have loved textiles and fashion all my life (definitely handed down from my mom – even while raising 7 children, she always managed to look “smart” even at the end of a long day waiting for the love of her life to walk back through the door). I lived in NYC for ten years during the 80’s and would spend time perusing Shop windows (especially loving Madison Ave.) . Once I knew the colors for the “new season”, I would then head off to the “cheap” stores like “Strawberry” (a great example – 90% horrible, but that 10% was all I needed to nail a look and maybe it was simply because of a great accessory, or a great piece of leather – one never knew????). I made very little money so Thrift Stores were my “go to” necessity as well. I must have been ok at it because I was often asked for advice and asked by HR to help dress some of the younger Staff ta a very large Company that also had very little money to devote to their “working wardrobe”. My greatest moment was when I was asked to “outfit” a woman in her 70’s that had just retired from being a Nun for over 50 years – can you imagine!!!! I took her to a Thrift Shop that I arrived at an hour beforehand and having basically “eyed” up her size, filled a shopping cart of what I thought would look great on her color and size wise and because of a “stuff a brown paper bag for $1.00” Sale that particular day was able to get over 34 pieces. She had just begun dating a handsome widower that belonged to a very prestigious Country Club so , she was so thankful to have someone to help bring her out of the Convent and back into everyday society and have the “wardrobe” to feel comfortable and confident while doing so. I think it would be soooooo neat if you were to do “stories” of “regular” people sharing how “fashion / styling” has helped them or others around them to feel confidence in this ever changing world. As I said, I am 61 and STILL ADORE feeling like I look good, but also ALWAYS stay “true” to my own self and style – I think I must be doing ok, because I am still very often asked for “advice” on color, cut, and style and that makes me feel relevant and good and always makes me think of my Mom, because I owe it all to her….. hope you got a kick out of my “story”, I’ve never done this before, but wanted to share this with you…have a great day – Sarah

  2. Ana D says

    She actually predicted big sleeves

  3. MyessYallyah Americus says

    i need some peoples help to get the money im owed. i will pay them for their work. im owed to much to let it slide. i will die in horrible terrifying ways if they starve me to death anymore like they have been as they are the greediest horders in history. where ive given more they've only stolen more. i didn't give all for free. it cost me tremendously with the work i did. i push borders i build new levels. its what i do.

  4. Beverly Hills Boss says

    ALSO IN Public Relations! In Beverly Hills! Let's connect! LOTS OF VIDEOS OUT NOW!

  5. Carpet Climber says

    How PR works? Ask Joseph Goebbels, the founder of propaganda. You want to work in mass propaganda against populations during peace time and become a professional liar, while not having a soul? Work in PR!

  6. Ala Salem says

    I'm a PRO working in the construction industry. However, I'd love to move to New York and work in this fashion firm. Any advices? Ways anyone can direct me to get out of construction and into fashion asap? I'd really appreciate it, please. BTW, great video as usual.

  7. Jean Claude Feliciaggi says

    chelsea sphere roman moi c'est comme ca et pas autrement !!!!

  8. Bella Floid says

    what's the song at 0:34????

  9. quincy charles says

    Wanna know what PR is all about, visit this site to know more. Thank me later!

  10. Hannah Godsmark says

    She was right about enormous sleeves.

  11. katie Wintter says

    Please bring this series back ?❤️

  12. The Uncomplicated Diva says

    When is there going to be another series of FOF with Alexa??? Need to have a series every year

  13. Joyson Wildhart says

    they literally sniffed a shirt they thought taylor swift wore.

  14. mightytaiger says

    k holes are a holes.

  15. MissIms says

    the normcore people seemed completely humourless @13:12

  16. Виктор Балашов says

    Аrе уоu Ѕеаrсhіng fоr оnlіnе соursеs fоr рublіс rеlаtіоn јust gооglе sеаrсh аs "Ζое Таlеnt Ѕоlutіоns"

  17. Serene C says

    And Alexa is so charming ❤️

  18. Serene C says

    Binge watched til 4.30am. Best thing ever! Can't believe I just found it.

  19. Joanne Yeap says

    The interview session is helpful enough for university student like us to know more about what we want in the future instead of wondering is the public relations field broad enough for us to explore, try different things, do things that we passionately in love indeed.

  20. rollership says

    ugh this is so so good

  21. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson says

    art and fashion are connected today more than ever 🙂

  22. Sarah Chofakian says

    Thank you Alexa!! I loved!

  23. Self_Improve 94 says

    whats PR ?!

  24. M Li says

    +British Vogue WHEN KS SEASON 3 COMING OUT. +Alexa Chung #fashion #vogue #PR

  25. ISABELLA Magazine says

    Here Alexa,
    Your big sleeves

  26. Candace Lane says

    I’m watching this two years after it aired while wearing really big sleeve. #nailedit

  27. Brianna says

    There needs to be more insightful videos about these particular careers and others but for different companies and industries!

  28. fizzypop says

    can't get enough of Alexa!

  29. Joanna Lambrou says

    "really big sleeves" she was right omg

  30. An Shieh says

    Black Frame has a bad rep on their internship program—which is a pity since they could bring so much knowledge to future employers and creatives.

  31. Omar V says

    Alexa Chung is such a BAE

  32. RAT says

    Ah this was my favorite episode SO interesting and SO inspiring for young writers like me that my interests can go anywhere 🙂

  33. keji jones says

    This video explains why fashion is so important in society, hence why sociology is the best college major for me. totally love this <3

  34. orkid box says

    K-Hole's work sounds so interesting.

  35. Giang Nguyen says

    This series in general is truly brilliant. I enjoy it a lot and probably other viewers do too. Great job British Vogue, great job Alexa!!

  36. Emmanuel J says

    Alexa really out here predicting the success of bell/trumpet sleeves.

  37. Omari Litchmore says

    If anyone has info on those shoes at 1:05 please let me know what they are

  38. Kim LM says

    Well, she was right about the big sleeves…

  39. Carla Gracia Calvo says

    "really big sleeves" is actually a thing in 2017…

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