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Hello everyone! I hope you are well well and keeping safe and healthy.

This week I bring you some fun & frolics from when I was at Paris Fashion Week, before the world went into lockdown / meltdown. I was fortunate enough to be given a Front Row seat at the @Miu Miu show, and I took the opportunity to pounce on some of the other guests to find out exactly how you should behave on the Frow….

Do you have any questions about Front Row etiquette that you would like to know the answer to? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who agreed to speak with me at the show. You were all great.
Love from ACxx

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  1. Valerie Moshier says

    I felt anxious WATCHING this, can't imagine actually being there. lol

  2. Will Ross says

    Cranefist song dweep hahaha sulk arguin.

  3. The Self-Worth Habit says

    I was thinking the set was Kubrick just before she said it and yes my ego is soaring rn

  4. Claire Hawkes says

    I have subtitles on it said “ bienvenue en puppy” ha!… also, knitted pants!!

  5. Diana21692 says

    Storm is so gorgeous

  6. Dr. Marlène Trusiak says

    ?Bonjour Alexa. I recently discovered you shows, since; I have binge watched. I must have watched at least 20 episodes. I enjoyed them a lot and I like your ease in front of the camera. I hope to be able to communicate with you regarding reporting/anchoring. You can write me at: You can also visit my non profit 501 c3 org: or drop me a like and a line on LinkedIn to initiate contact
    Wishing you the best always.

  7. l Campanella says

    I appreciate Alexa's charisma so much. She never takes herself too seriously and yet pulls off such professionalism. I also think her interviewing style is so fun to watch–she always has such a great ''give and take'' with the people she talks to and asks such interesting questions!

  8. Liz Dobson says

    Ah, spotting Mama Hadid (Yolanda) sitting one down from Alexa … and seeing Gigi walk in big coat, as we now know would have been 3/4 months pregnant in the show! Iconic!

  9. Julia Trim says

    Rita Ora on the runway was strange! But I love the video?

  10. Ric Romano says

    Wonderful, putting the in on inside!

  11. D F says

    Is it an on-purpose joke that Lucy Hale and Alexa have a similar outfit?

  12. Yue Shi says

    Well, in the 80s the big hair can be even bigger than a hat. I wonder how did people back then survive. Then again there were not that many front rows.

  13. rc che says

    I thought Lucy Hale was Leigh Lezark for a second. They look identical

  14. Paloma Brighton says

    This is incredible thank you for sharing

  15. Molly Smith says

    i was just watching @bestdressed in her fashion week in NYC with Derek and then I decided to watch this one…he just popped up again 🙂

  16. Lyzel Lee says

    It’s lovely when Alexa’s interviewing these people as if she wasn’t a high end runway model back then ?

  17. Lyzel Lee says

    It’s lovely when Alexa’s interviewing these people as if she wasn’t a high end runway model back then ?

  18. Plat J says

    Derek- what a great guy he is !

  19. PPPouni says

    IIII LOVED THIS THANKS FOR MAKING IT AND HOLY I LOVE POPPY'S DEEP VOICE. Also.. want to be friends with Pixie Geldorf

  20. Joshua Phang says

    2:15 there’s nothing in the bag. =X

  21. Sally F says

    Not standing six feet away! Wouldn't be allowed in my town (San Francisco). Alexa is so down-to-earth and fun.

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