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Best Way Easy to Create, Amazing Agriculture | Inventions Equipment For Farmer, Amazing Farming Techniques, Inventions Equipment, Agriculture Machine


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Igor Skvortsov

Vitatiy Fomin

Виктор Пономарев

Обычная механика


Dorota Kawczyńska

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  1. R.Shunmugam R.Shunmugam says

    Salute for the former

  2. Narayan Mishra says

    Pls share your number

  3. Ratan Gaikwad says

    I want to buy this machine . My m.n.9960180604 please call me on this number..

  4. Van Reliant says

    Some interesting machines, the one earthing up machine was very effective, another machine looked like it had an old BSA Bantam engine fitted.

  5. Murthy Naik says

    MURTHY. Naik. Hii. Call. 9900249188

  6. farmermars123 says

    Great work. It will useful if you make videos on how it can be made. Bess you.

  7. Shaikh Fahim says

    How make it .please make on how make this machine,it will very helpful for farmer.

  8. Ramesh Kumar says

    What is Rate?

  9. INFORMATION WORLD says world best agricultural machines

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