Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine Tractor in Action – Latest Technology Agriculture Farm Equipment


Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine Tractor in Action – Latest Technology Agriculture Farm Equipment Machinery
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  1. allwin allwin says

    3.33 what is that

  3. кирилл вки says

    Па руски пишити

  4. Amma Amma says

    Where is this please reply

  5. Vikas kumar Vikas kumar says

    Bahut hi bekar machine kitne jeev jantu marte Hain

  6. Sir Erick Kotut says

    Videos missing explanations

  7. fauzia mustafa says
  8. عبود عبود says

    مشاءالله تبارك الله

  9. James Born says

    why is burn the fire in the field?

  10. Yaqub Assy says

    پاکستان میں مزدور اتنا سستا مل جاتا ہے کہ ایسی مشینوں کی افادیت مقابلتاً صفر ہو جاتی ہے۔

  11. Naveen kumar says

    Why burn sands

  12. Jen Verhelst says

    Those machines would have been very helpful to me and my family in the 80’s as we hoed acres upon acres of fields.

  13. Hong Tran says

    Kỹ sư nước ngoài là như thế

  14. Ocean Larry says

    Corn fieldzing ! Confusing!! Why spray fire onto the field?

  15. SONJE says

    Please help this channel

  16. Live Fish Cutting says

    All explanations for what is going on in these videos are missing.

  17. Tò Liên Minh Mobile says

    what is the fire use..?

  18. ZizitonFinanceBank ZizBank Employer says

    Donate farming equipment's – ZizBank farming East Africa – helping eradicate poverty and create more local food easy 24/7-365ZYS – Freezing food/vegetable and more (Financial assistant available to those qualified candidates – users across worldwide – Trillion budget unused till now – now using for Agriculture's and farming).

  19. Cacilda Vassoler says

    Sim uma brasileira muito lindo

  20. ايوب رشيد says

    جاي سوون لان احنة عدنة وما انعرف

  21. RR kk says

    Scorched Earth machine?

  22. DennyS do MF275 says

    Algum brasileiro vendo esse vídeo?

  23. lizardwrangle says

    I don't get what that machine with the fire is doing or what it is called. Why the burn?

  24. melanie girard says

    Salut melanie girard je t'aime

  25. Leng Hour says

    8 q

  26. Waqar Haider says

    At –9:55 why are they using fire ?

    Somebody let me know this , plz ?

  27. James Adkins says

    What are the torches burning Looks mighty expensive to me.

  28. skatterbrain says

    The human Race is amazing , I could only imagine what farmers 100 or so years ago would of thought when looking at these machines today & what well think about them & how they'll look and run in another 50-100 years from now. It's just amazing how fast human kind advances Technology

  29. soud-u-R live says



    World new agricultural machines

  31. KISANWORLD TV says

    great video

  32. maryam jumana says

    this is boring

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