Amazing Semi Trucks Drag Racing.


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  1. Damirjon Otaniyozov says

    Почему русские нет в комментах . мать вашу европейцы

  2. Best moment Tv says

    They just killed atmosphere with their black smoke ?

  3. Last Astronaut99 says

    Why not they put filter on the truck??

  4. Last Astronaut99 says

    Why not they put filter on the truck??

  5. Lorenz Schönhofer says

    Zum Thema Umweltverschmutzung

  6. woody4u247 says

    How much weight is in the trailer? Are they empty or loaded? From the frame twist I'm guessing loaded quite heavy?

  7. DIY Électromécanique & électronique says

    Greenpeace gonna love the smoke of diesel and rubber.

  8. Godxig Ykfgxk says


  9. Godxig Ykfgxk says


  10. Yoosetsu says

    How many spectators died of intoxicating while watching this?

  11. gusherz says

    I think I got 15 tumors in my lungs just by watching this ???

  12. Restrain says

    Look at all that beautiful pollution.

  13. Vincent Ziegler says

    Enjoy the fresh air

  14. Melissa Bill says

    When. I think of France, it's the Eiffel Tower, Louis Vuitton, croissants and semi truck drag racing, of course.

  15. Aundreckia McIntosh says

    Thy slow

  16. Андрей Луконин says

    Это больше на Соревнования по дыму похоже ?

  17. bscsovinc says

    Pollution air, do you know how much waste you have?

  18. Сергей С says

    Greta, see this! )))))))))))))

  19. Haydz A says

    This guy takes from Fox news and is recording something bad for the environment. I have suspicions.

  20. AGCARMY says

    "Hey kids wanna get cancer this weekend?"

  21. Triggajunky says

    Dangerous slow polluting crap to watch sport

  22. Jonathan Mangold says

    Gotta love that carbon footprint!

  23. Roda Depan says


  24. Arsim Khan says


  25. Greg W says

    I wish they'd do that when they cut ya off on the interstate going 2 mph faster that the truck in the right lane. 4:12 the truck on the right lost his first 2 races and this is what it looks like from following the other trucks, it was white this morning.

  26. Ngakak TV says


  27. E. K.O says

    Havanın anasını sikin aynen böyle devamke

  28. mary ann mangoranda says

    Hahaha what a fun day enjoy the ride but im scared of this black and thick smoke ?????

  29. PRO qazniq says

    The "Fuck Greta Thunberg" racing ?

  30. Ab Viking says

    Oh yeah!!! Carbon monoxide ‼️

  31. Anil Parmar says

    Congratulations….you fucker killed our earth

  32. عزان للسابعي says

    ، ?????????????????????????????????????????وو

  33. Olga Kurki says

    I'm certain Corona Virus is the best what's happened to ''modern'' society.

  34. MrBlade says

    Where is optimus prime?

  35. raj goswami says

    Mother earth just left the chat

  36. Ibrahim Aljomaih says

    which country is this?

  37. Hari Govind Varma says

    How dare you

  38. thangquocnguyenmdp says

    This is what I called stupid liberals shit.

  39. thangquocnguyenmdp says

    Oh yeah, let help polluting the air.

  40. сруль либерзон says

    Гринписа не хватает так небо коптят ?

  41. rrrus1 says

    идиоты зачем загрязнять воздух ради развлечений?

  42. John D says


  43. Yacine ALG says

    All the comments talk about pollutions, i'am disappointed cuz i thought i would find something useful that talk about the modifications in those trucks

  44. ASMR Bearded says

    Я их пешком обгоню.

  45. Zoltan Elekes says

    A kurva anyaert van ennyi reklám,a lejátszás közben???????

  46. Tomika Pipu says


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