Anomaly – "191" (Official Music Video)






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  1. Anomaly & Papanomaly says

    If you haven't seen the "HOW TO BE SOUNDCLOUD RAPPER 2 (ft. LIL PUMP)" you probably won't understand this music video. Go watch that first and then you'll understand! ?

  2. Andrew says

    Lil pump v2

  3. Andrew says

    Lil pump v2

  4. Daniel Junge esrassen says


  5. padgeyboy1 says

    what the fuck is this hahahahahhaa brilliant

  6. Albert[GD] says

    Deaf guy: What is he talking?
    Me: Good question

  7. Lit Gamer says

    So basically he just flexed his fake Supreme things ? ?

  8. Lit Gamer says

    So basically he just flexed his fake Supreme things ? ?

  9. Abraham Humberg says

    if you so rich giv money idiot.

  10. Philocyphur says

    always has been…

  11. Luka Krtinic says

    Finish peasant

  12. Rok Sekeres says

    Not gonna lie this is ??

  13. Hey Impish here says

    The best awp is a pistol with 9mm

  14. Shaxzy says

    ngl i would put this in my spotify playlist.. pls upload it there @FatSwedenPessant

  15. Ez4Pro says

    It's like lyrics is beat and beat is lyrics.

  16. Dibentins says


  17. retsisymnodezzij says

    I know that anomaly used to rap alone in his room. pls agree anomaly i know it ?

  18. Ez4Pro says

    I'm downloading this. THIS IS FIRE, I cannot ?

  19. scary boi says


  20. Thee INER says

    Blazin' Airsoft

  21. Not black ‘ says

    KeNNyS ??????

  22. barkley206 says

    I'm metal / electro / dnb guy but this shit is really good.

  23. ATOM1X says

    Ok now hol up, I literally got this in my YouTube music recommendations wtf???

  24. Merchant Toiletpaper says

    Can i get the lyrics?

  25. Kezie-_- says

    Since when does lilpump Weight like 2000 kilogram?

  26. Scratcher2127 says

    What is the name of the not fat one?

  27. SledgE says

    Anomaly rapping this in a russian taxi:

    The taxi driver: I see your mouth moving, but i dont understand, a shit)

  28. I'm D4wmin4tor says

    I was laughing the entire song hahahha

  29. Liam Mortensen says

    You made it dude, vevo in the thumbnail.

  30. 13 37 says

    Dis actually fire

  31. Araiguma says

    this shit is good

  32. Adam Wedin says

    Anomaly rappin about selling coke and popping addies, meanwhile never even tested alcohol… still better than lil.. everything

  33. Lil Carl says

    1:45 he looks like lil lano

  34. ivoooi joshi says

    This beat hits divrend BRO

  35. Axel Hedin says

    it feels like ODZ tho. search it up!!!

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