Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes


WWDC 2020, Apple’s online developer conference, was full of huge announcements. If you weren’t watching live to see what’s coming next for macOS, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and more, we’ve pulled together all of the biggest moments for you right here.

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0:00 Introduction
0:56 iOS 14
8:40 iPadOS 14
11:05 WatchOS 7
13:45 Privacy
14:53 MacOS Big Sur
17:30 Apple silicon

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  1. MRCroosingTootH says

    I swear to god i am not sure if this is a joke or what this is? Are Apple People this stupid u didnt have these things om your phone like 5 years ago? Wth hahahahahaha

  2. nword boi says

    Me when I know I eill never in my lifetime buy one of these Apple products:

    mmm… nice

  3. Fight For Freedom says

    So nothing of real use then. Just cosmetic changes. Have Apple been asleep?

  4. Zach says

    Tf happened to Canada 6:17

  5. DrummerAJL says

    I feel like I'm living in the past when I'm watching this. IOS 14 brings features we've had for the past DECADE.

  6. Vape Bloc says

    Appclips. Wechat's had this for years now. lol

  7. Andrea Millberry-Smith says

    Regulations Apple

  8. Paul Lebrun says

    I'm tired from all this listening. That big brows guy is lifting weights with talk.

  9. DylenWithAnE says

    “Good morning” five minutes of cheering before getting to the actual announcements.

  10. That dude says

    iOS 14 is aimed at android users. More customization

  11. missnormalee says


  12. Pravat Paul says

    ডাউনলোড করুন এখান থেকে

  13. Definitely Sam says

    Only dubdub that I watched and it was so epic

  14. Priya Saini says

    Apple …look at new widgets

    Android ….we had these one year ago

  15. Inferno Gaming says

    It's weird watching this as an Android user and seeing things touted as new or revolutionary…I guess another OS features is another OS's breakthrough

  16. Daniel Kilvington says

    Who owns an Android but still watches?

  17. Jason H says

    Android owners tested these so we iphone owners can have proven to be effective features

  18. MyLuckySuperegg says

    “We’re adding a dedicated cycling option to Maps.”

    -An employee who can’t cycle

  19. Mr R says

    Introducing widgets…… watch how the icons get out of the way when you move a widget!!! such innovation

  20. XMCEE PLAYED says

    where is aurora's intro?

  21. Madestin Esther Hedstrom says

    Can you add an antivirus for all Apple devices ?

  22. clubbedsam says

    6:17 oh no, what happened to canada?

  23. Asma Anwar says

    Can anyone tell that these all things are better than black shark pro 3

  24. Flavio De Pina says

    It is kind of sad that a giant company is trying to gain popularity by “supporting” the BLM. And the saddest thing about it is..people fall for it. Oh well

  25. hotmandead1 says

    Love how they sell every feature

  26. Onkar Sawant says

    Racism, inequality and injustice. I am not interested in this you fruitcake.

  27. code &code says

    abe par paisa itna kyo lete ho…kya sona chandi lagate ho phone me kamino….lutero , thag company

  28. Emily An says

    Apple, still “reinventing” things.

  29. bofooit gojo says

    Apple, still “reinventing” things.

  30. Abizoman says

    mac os was nice while it lasted ?

  31. Cassie says

    Apple, still “reinventing” things.

  32. zijuiy wttuy says

    Apple, still “reinventing” things.

  33. Tanith Kettle says


  34. fouoii gyhh says

    What should’ve been announced: FACE ID with MASK ? on!!!!!

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