Are Computers Still Getting Faster?


In a recent episode I explored a 10-year-old MacBook to see if it could still keep up in today’s world, and surprisingly it could. So in this episode I explore why that is.

Guest stars include:
Rob Ivy / The Obsolete Geek
Mike Murray / The GeekPub
Robin Harbron /
Clint Basinger / Lazy Game Reviews

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  1. Benjamin Connell says

    This cloud computing idea is really interesting! 50 years ago a computer was the size of a room. Today only super computers are that big and everyday computers are laptops or even phones. But if your laptop is just a window onto 'someone else's' computer, then suddenly home computers can go back to being room sized again! It's a full 360. We're starting to see this with Google Stadia gaming. Even if Moore's Law stops for individual processors, will the exponential decline in computing costs continue regardless?

    That software/hardware gap is interesting too. Is there room to make software bigger and better or just more efficient? I've heard that browsers are very inefficient and just take advantage of the progress in processors to do all the hard work, rather than working smart.

  2. random vids says

    My windows 98 computer is still pretty fast

  3. Rohan Willis says

    Him: Some CPU's have up to 8 cores.

    Threadripper: laughs in 64 cores.

  4. YUKI6700 says

    Moi, la SEUL amélioration qui m’intéresse depuis le début de ma vie (j'ai 32 ans), c'est l'intelligence artificiel. OR, c'est la seul chose qui a été complètement délaissé par les créateurs d'ordinateur et de jeux vidéo… :'(

    Qu'est-ce que je donnerais pas pour pouvoir jouer à un jeu qui est prévu pour mettre en avant un ennemie contrôler par une I.A VRAIMENT intelligente, qui vous contournes, chaque fois d'une autre façon, qui s'adapte à votre jeu, comprend vos point faible, parfois même se moque de vous ! Bref comme le ferait un humain mais ne refuserait jamais de jouer avec vous ou de continuer à jouer. Et que ce jeux soit totalement rejouable et conçu pour ça, un peu comme un jeu en ligne.

    S'il vous plais, quelqu'un sais si un tel jeu existe ? T_T moi je connais bien alien isolation mais l'alien triche, et n'apprend pas vraiment de vous, et je connais aussi stage rollcage où l'IA est assez impressionnante mais ce n'est pas vraiment une IA… Existe-t-il un jeu avec une vrai I.A ?

  5. No InternalMegaT Here says

    Are computers still getting faster? In 2020

  6. Joey Sartain says

    Don't forget about the GPUs in video cards, they handle a tremendous work load and most video cards will have GPUs up inthe the 500 core count.

  7. Marc-Andre Leclerc says

    Great video as always! Don't forget, when you check at CPUs, you've put Applications used, but I'd also consider OS used. OS back then were so small compared to the ones today…

  8. Rosie Fay says

    1:36 Given the large factor increases, you should have plotted the memory sizes on the y-axis on a log scale.

    7:19 "All your basic tasks can be done in a web browser these days" Why would I use a web browser to maintain files on my local disk? Why would I try to use one tool to create text files, PDFs, spreadsheets, audio files and graphics files…?

  9. Bogdan54 says

    Looking for today and it's more true than ever. My parents are using an old Intel i3 4th Gen and it's still usable today if you just browsing and playing games in browser. For the internet I think if you have a 4 cores CPU, 8gb of ram and a SSD you're good to go. If you need more intensive tasks pick 16GB ram and a new ryzen 3 or i3 or maybe the bigger brothers r5 and i5 and a SSD.

  10. Daniel Sullenberger says

    This would be a good topic to revisit. One thing to consider: it's getting much more difficult to further shrink down components. At the same time, not only are we seeing more and more cores, but better use of the die space in each core, allowing for faster and more efficient operation, more advanced extended instruction circuitry, and multiple execution pathways in each core. Modern CPUs can get a lot more done per clock cycle, so although we're not seeing the raw speed increases we once were, CPUs are still getting better.

  11. Sean Toreno says

    well the new 10th gen core i3 is compareable to a 6th, 7th gen i7 so yeah

  12. Kayla Mitchell says

    looks at the iPad pro

  13. Ryoku Hasu says

    why is this in my feed… it's ancient and out of date….

  14. Zeek M says

    Computers today are fast enough it's just that they can't sell us a video card that's not gimped in some kind of way.
    We've reached the slamming door on video.
    If they do sell us a video card that isn't gimped they'll want $20,000.00 for starters.
    Computers are back to being something only the wealthy can afford.

  15. robotmad says

    1.14 million subs now !

  16. Vincent Kwok says

    Then: I had no idea this channel would be so popular
    Now: I did not think that there would be more than 1 million people who are interested in the topics I cover

  17. easy pc tech Tv says

    your channel have 1m lool

  18. THXTNT The Gamer says

    the 8-bit guy: I never knew my channel would get this popular

    me: well your at 1 million now

  19. Gattoman says

    Keep in mind that the speed these all connect to one another has also increased significantly. There are so many areas that have cut down on processing time all around, and now we are migrating back to terminal type use, kind of weird

  20. Corazon Sierra says

    Reason? Minecraft. Runs on a potatowear system but you need more ram and storage the longer you play.

    Also it's full of angry 10 year olds with handmedown systems.

  21. Eric Torres says

    I think it's not getting faster by creating a core with more GHz… I think it's limits almost reach, so, they are creating more task and increasing speed by creating more core… It's logical, because in a computer, there's a lot work to do, and a lot of this work, can be done in parallel, so… It's logical to get more than one core to process this simultaneous work instead of the standard process that is, work in some work, send it to sleep, get other work and process a little, put it to sleep, get another…. It's best to more than one thread executing. Another reason is that the processor consumes a lot of resource to send a thread back to sleep or when it was waiting some I/o…

    I don't see any commercial processor above the 4.x ghz… Maybe, with overclock and a lot of refrigerated system.

  22. Yago San says

    I did recognise that tune commando !!! Thanks 😀

  23. Cynics Truhseekr says

    They forgot cellphone usage. Cellphones have also affected computer development. With people not interested in updating their PC, software needs to work for longer. That's why subscriptions have become more popular.

  24. Dave M says

    Think about what used to cause us to declare a computer obsolete to begin with. Up until recently a lack of hard drive space or RAM to install/run a specific application would have been a deal breaker requiring a new pc (or hardware upgrades at the very least). Recently memory hardware has far outpaced software requirements for the most part so the limiting factor is just processor speed now. Unless you are trying to run a specific cpu intensive application (video processing, games, etc) then speed isn't a huge issue and any old pc can be used to meet most needs.

  25. D G says

    My Apple only has one core. Of course it's a Granny Smith.

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