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  1. guni 22 says

    thanks vvvvvvvmuch

  2. Rahul Meher says

    Sir i am preparing for it officer in bank.plz guide me

  3. mynam chakradhar says

    Suggest the universities

  4. Sindhu Rao Surabhi says

    Nice….well said…it is useful video????

  5. sidharth bhunia says

    You are right it is changing from 2020

  6. Kaushal R Jain says

    Thank you for this. This is really helpful

  7. Gaurav Lohani says

    Thank a lot for this Clarification. Actually, I was confused about what to do? Now I am clear on this.

  8. Divya Soni says

    i choose the phd proposal topic related to computer. would you help me my id is

  9. Tabish Iqbal says

    Sir now you are rich …haha

  10. Aditya Chandran says

    Can a bcom graduate with no programming background get into data science?

  11. Hriday Kataky says

    Very nice lecture given by u sir…keep up the good work

  12. Arpit Singh says

    I am in class 12 i am aiming to take Cse. I am good in mathematics in class 12 but I don’t know anything about coding. Should i have cse in plz helppp

  13. Atharv Joshi says

    If your are interested in Intelligent System, and if you want to understand the nature of Intelligence: Search these in Wikipedia:
    1. Computational Cognitive Science
    2. Cognitive NeuroScience
    3. Computational Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence;
    4. Mathematical Neuroscience
    and Cognitive Science in general….

    Fortunately IISC is Center For Neuroscience(CNS) And there are really good professors and researcheres working on cognition…
    and CNS is often looking for interested student from computer science branch…
    Well, for me it is very meaningful to study the nature of intelligence…

  14. Udhoi says

    Halfway through I thought he went into a forever loop talking about advertisement

  15. tabish iqbal says

    I always feel that I have made a mistake by taking computer engineering but still trying I don't know why. I don't see myself anywhere in future jobs, what should I do.?

  16. straighterrecord says

    IS is best .

  17. pjossy joshi says

    Sir thanku.
    But want to know new ideas in 2020 trends


    How do it in Canada

  19. Devkant Gorai says

    40 lakhs and that in India only…in US it pays above 1.3 crore INR…But the requirements are really high…PhD is some is must.

  20. Milan Dorjee says

    Thank you so much for such a good information. ?

  21. prakhars962 says

    Game theory is a part of operation research too.

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