BABY GRONK Emerges in 1st Game! // NCAA Football 14 Dynasty EP 2


The North Florida Ospreys take on Arizona State and Baby Gronk emerges in the 1st game! Will he be our secret weapon?
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This NCAA Football 14 dynasty series will chronicle the University of North Florida Ospreys as they launch a football program, and attempt to go from a one-star team to one of the top teams in the nation. The North Florida Ospreys will be a Teambuilder dynasty built by GoldGlover9 in NCAA Football 14. We’ll recruit the best prospects that we can, attempt to win a national championship, and hopefully see our recruits venture off into the NFL!

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  1. Bancomp 1 says

    Actually enjoyed the gameplay, but the constant cuts to your zoomed in camera were extremely frustrating. Literally there was a zoom in every 10 seconds. Honestly think I got motion sickness from how many scene changes there were

  2. Da Monsta Jam!!! says

    As an actual dual alumnus of the University of North Florida, I feel so jebated that you didn't know my school existed. Come on man.

  3. Kevin Anderson says

    I ran a lot of read-option plays in the 1st 2 seasons of My Old Dominion Dynasty because I didn't have a lot of talent at Wide-Receiver and Tight End and the offensive line wasn't good either.

  4. Charles Rodgers says

    "Weee will weeee will beak u"???

  5. Charles Rodgers says

    Ospreys is a bird like a falcon so the slogan should be or the stadium it's a No-fly zone arena or your db's group called

  6. kallan harshbarger says

    Defensive backs and ATHletes are important recruiting targets in this game. Love the content GGB thanm you!!

  7. Paul Durand says

    Bruh, you had me rolling with your reactions to them dropped passes. I remembered when I played this back in 2014. You making grown men relive the good ole days. Thanks.

    If you know the team gonna be trash, I'd try to find a diamond in the rough. Play scrubs like baby gronk and see what happens.

  8. MR.WILLIE 95 says

    This dude is straight up funny ?

  9. T 4 Trash says

    Can you make a player called Austin Turtle neck Johnson with the neck pad and everything? Love your videos, I'm gonna be watching this series for a long time

  10. All life, no regrets SeLfLoVe says

    What are you playing that on fam? Xbox, PS3 or pc? Just asking because it looks super crisp and clear ??✌?

  11. Michael Walsh says


  12. Dawson Landis says

    Booker the goat

  13. Chris Blaseos says

    My first game system was an atari and I'm 15. I loved that thing

  14. IamofIAM144 says

    I had the Atari 2600 and 7800. ? #ShowingMyAge

  15. YusufDaGoat says

    u are so dumb

  16. BLAKK SMOKE says

    Damien Booker TE on madden will be better bro

  17. Daniel Atanasio says

    looking forward to see the unroll of this series

  18. Daniel Atanasio says

    Hey i actually want to confess that I don't really like this game because of the graphics (kinda TRIGGERS me, cause I only watched Madden until) and that I skipped the first episode after some minutes, but I also want to say that I am really entertained right now.
    Keep it up, my man, that's some quality work here.
    My bad for not watching the first one fully ?

  19. MarkFresh says

    Your reactions/commentary make me think you make your content for little kids

  20. Everett Ashton says

    I love how I got to see captain America play

  21. Alex Charles says

    Osbourne 100% starting RB

  22. Aero Films says

    I just got NCAA 14 but it constantly freezes every game or two. Im starting to think it's the disk itself…thoughts?

  23. Max Amaya says

    Ggb move your face can up a bit so we can see the Down

  24. Cameron Mckenzie says

    Hey ggb could you maybe move your cam to the top left or try it out next episode? I know we can still see what down it is, but I just think it would look a lot cleaner. Love the series so far, go Ospreys!

  25. Lucas Brooks says

    Use Rice’s playbook it’s OP

  26. TheMyCameron says

    can you move your video for this series to the top right?

  27. aiden pentz says

    North Florida osprey slogan:
    We suck, but sometimes, we got luck

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