Bad News 16 – Cashing In On Christmas


“Cashing in on Christmas”. From the Bad News self-titled album.

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  1. Hanley Soloway says

    who the fuck down-thumbed this?

  2. comfibold says

    Noddy Holder would love this song.


    lets get this to number one for christmas…download from december 15th to give it the best chance…Long live Bad News and Long Live Rik xxxxxx

  4. Jacknife Jess says

    Still my #1 christmas song xD

  5. bucky468 says

    Good but still not as good as "Merry Christmas Everybody" by Slade.

  6. metafis says

    2:54 rocking all the way to the Bayayayayayayank!!! 🙂

  7. Rikairiify says

    There's one day left 'til Christmas to make this the #1 hit! Come on!!!

  8. samadriel says

    Haha, good idea! One for next year…

  9. TrendCrush666 says

    this should have been up against cowell instead of RATM.

    it would have actually meant something then

  10. Gareth Tilley says

    i would think this was a KISS tune 😛

  11. MagicAccent says

    The best christmas song ever. This is what christmas really is about^^

  12. Peter Davy says


  13. samadriel says

    search on google for 'youtube download mp3', there are sites that'll let you rip Youtube vids to mp3.

  14. metalfingersinmybody says

    Could anyone send me an mp3 of this PLEASE.

  15. rafaelmmoreira says

    My favorite Christmas song 😉 thanks for sharing!

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