Basic Computer Class Part 1 – ESL


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  1. Keshava Keshava says

    Thank you so much mam your teaching is nice

  2. xXcall of duty masterXx says

    This video is torture!!! WHAT THE FUCK

  3. jaya shree says

    Hi madam. Your teaching is very impressive but your videos available only part 8. We want learn more about computer with your wonderful teaching. So please.. more videos

  4. Lucas Pastrelli says

    nowadays they assume everyone knows thhis
    now its all about even kids learning to code how times have changed

  5. Ravi Ravi says

    Very good teaching for beginners

  6. happy Channel says

    Who watching now ❤❤

  7. Brijesh Sharma says

    Hii gise

  8. Radhika Gawade says

    Nice maam

  9. nikhil Joshi says

    Looking sexy

  10. Suffah IT Complex says

    Excellent for the Beginnners, You can also find this one GOOD.

  11. sunilkumar kv says

    God bless you mam

  12. Suklin Nongrum says

    Tq madam

  13. Awesome teacher!

  14. Miss Topper says


  15. Mario Velarde says

    I born with computers aroiund me. This clases is ridículos.

  16. cherif ahmed isselmou says


  17. sadiq halasi says

    So nice

  18. Sujaya Adkhikari says


  19. Cda Felda Kitchen says


  20. Tony Feuggelen says



    Correction its not the CPU(Central Processing Unit), its the SU(System Unit), CPU is just a chip housed inside the system unit. But the video is amazing for sure…

  22. teQmade says

    Effective one

  23. Ch kashif Ch kashif says


  24. hencha haokip17 says

    Great works good lesson easy to learn

  25. mohd sarwar says

    To good keep it up

  26. Bs S says

    Thanks a lot.

  27. Computer Knowledge says

    The box in not CPU. The box name is system Unit

  28. Uckoo Neeraja says

    Good explanation want to know more thank u

  29. Walawedurage wasana Seuwandi says

    She is a good teacher

  30. Marilyn Raines says

    Very good teacher.??????????we need more teachers like her

  31. Malathy Muthu says

    wow.. really great

  32. HARSHA AADI says

    I'm your New Subscribe ?

  33. Mazhar Abbas says

    Thnx cafe

  34. sudhakar adsule says

    खूप छान माहिती दिली. थँक्यू मॅडम

  35. Digitech Guru says


  36. Tahar Ahmed says


  37. Natalie Walker says

    Here during covid 19

  38. Harkr Mohtarif says

    CPU is processeur not ….

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